Flaming Jaguar XJ220 Burnout

The Jaguar XJ220 performs a fiery Burnout lighting up its tyres!

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The Jaguar XJ220 held the record for the fastest production car in 1992 after posting a top speed of 213 mph (342kph) … Until the McLaren F1 in ’93 stormed in with 231mph.. Still a Hypercar of its time!

24 thoughts on “Flaming Jaguar XJ220 Burnout

  1. life of a ricer ;)

  2. Jagggggggg

  3. Job Fahner says:


  4. Bl Films says:


  5. Nice

  6. Gio says:

    il trucco della benza

  7. que anda de meiota?,SENTA NA MINHA XJ!!!

  8. Maybe TaxTheRich100 stopped uploading because the rich don't destroy their cars now!! :P LOL I miss the videoss…

  9. Oh man…you just damaged that XJ220…i don't want to imagine how was the car below after the fire!

  10. Faisal Zahid says:

    spectacular flames!!!

  11. Noone else is mad he gets to trash an ultra-rare jaguar?

  12. name music??

  13. JPRT08 _ says:

    i guess we could say it was lit ;)

  14. Saša Kecman says:


  15. Ed Gob says:

    lol was there like gasoline inside that crack and he drove over it casing the Flame!!! INSane dude Awesome Follow me on IG @popbbottlesmotherfuckers #MuchLove

  16. DersNoNem says:

    I like your username

  17. panda panda says:

    casse pas le moteur

  18. Now thats a burn out n that sound
    Damm these classics i love then the new ones.

  19. MHCPL says:

    Cheap copy of Ocelot Penetrator

  20. Oncelot Penetrator Gta V DLC

  21. What a shame this jerk ruined a XJ220

  22. GIL SAN says:

    I remember some test driver from either R&T or Motortrend blew the engine on a wrong downshift….

  23. The Box says:

    Was that meant to happen?

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