Flat-out in a Lamborghini Aventador SV | evo DIARIES

Watch evo’s Henry Catchpole drive the incredible Lamborghini Aventador SV on the Isle of Man.

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36 thoughts on “Flat-out in a Lamborghini Aventador SV | evo DIARIES

  1. john smith says:

    That engine noise. Oh my Lord. Worth buying it just for that.

  2. NewMotoring says:

    More than a year later this video is still just as incredible.

  3. Michael S says:

    Much prefer the in cabin video..

  4. OMG,ive never heard a car downshift like that!!PURE RAGE#V12 RULES!!

  5. this is probably my favourite car video on youtube

  6. 江剑如 says:


  7. tanafc96 says:

    More videos like this !!!!!!

  8. Daniel Swift says:

    this is the best thing ive ever watched wow, the time of the day, the road, the road condition, the car, the setting, wow wow wow i cant stop watching!!

  9. Tremendously goose bump, and shivering inducing experience…

  10. a right hand drive aventador ….and the world best road to drive….and sunset….what more could anyone ask for?

  11. VossenWheels says:


  12. those DownShifts will give you a smooth chill!!!

  13. CRAZY BRADDO says:

    Could have booted it a bit more. This looks slow compared to the TT guys.

  14. Love that sound wwwoooohooo

  15. 10001000101 says:

    driving a like a bitch, so scared to heat up the brakes.

  16. Kronos says:

    Next time put the camera on the roof so we can see the scenery as well as the car instead of staring at the road for 2 minutes, asshole.

  17. JA Y says:

    I'm sorry, I love Ferrari, I love McLaren, I love Porsche But holy f*cking sh*t the Aventador is worth it just for the noise!!!!!!!!! Such an Awesome video guys, great job indeed!

  18. AMOD: : says:

    the last bit 5th gear on the long straight must be doing around 150mph

  19. I could watch this video all day.

  20. Glasses Gus says:

    I want to do this

  21. holy….shit…..

  22. Q. Anyui says:

    one of the best aventador sv soundclip so far…

  23. Henry I saw you whilst you were on the Isle of Man you were on marine drive taking some drive by shots of the car. I was stood there gawping at the lambo for ages

  24. mike569112 says:

    2:25…giving that thing the tits!

  25. Tiesto – Walking on Clouds

  26. that sunset doooooo!!!!

  27. phantom2k10 says:

    will there be a a huracan sv? that would be flipping epic

  28. Miky mouse says:

    thank you EVO, the best car symphony in the best track of the world

  29. dennis woode says:

    Absolutely incredible

  30. Onslaught305 says:

    That V12 sounds pissed.

  31. It invokes so much emotion leading me to cry.

  32. brian centi says:


  33. So this is Heaven….. Just as I thought :)

  34. staggabob says:

    I did this last year. In a rental Fiesta 1.0 Ecoboost….come to think of it, it wasn't as good.

  35. Life imitates art? That dash display and its gear indicator … could not be more video-gamey. Effective, mind you….

  36. Tommy1198S says:

    TT Course, Yes.

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