Flat-out in a Lamborghini Aventador SV | evo DIARIES

Watch evo’s Henry Catchpole drive the incredible Lamborghini Aventador SV on the Isle of Man.

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  1. Post By john smith

    That engine noise. Oh my Lord. Worth buying it just for that.

  2. Post By NewMotoring

    More than a year later this video is still just as incredible.

  3. Post By Michael S

    Much prefer the in cabin video..

  4. Post By the BORED malayalee

    OMG,ive never heard a car downshift like that!!PURE RAGE#V12 RULES!!

  5. Post By Cars of Portugal

    this is probably my favourite car video on youtube

  6. Post By 江剑如


  7. Post By tanafc96

    More videos like this !!!!!!

  8. Post By Daniel Swift

    this is the best thing ive ever watched wow, the time of the day, the road, the road condition, the car, the setting, wow wow wow i cant stop watching!!

  9. Post By Alexandra Sinclair

    Tremendously goose bump, and shivering inducing experience…

  10. Post By Abhijit Shetty

    a right hand drive aventador ….and the world best road to drive….and sunset….what more could anyone ask for?

  11. Post By VossenWheels


  12. Post By Randy Reâtilé 2

    those DownShifts will give you a smooth chill!!!

  13. Post By CRAZY BRADDO

    Could have booted it a bit more. This looks slow compared to the TT guys.

  14. Post By andrew gunther

    Love that sound wwwoooohooo

  15. Post By 10001000101

    driving a like a bitch, so scared to heat up the brakes.

  16. Post By Kronos

    Next time put the camera on the roof so we can see the scenery as well as the car instead of staring at the road for 2 minutes, asshole.

  17. Post By JA Y

    I'm sorry, I love Ferrari, I love McLaren, I love Porsche But holy f*cking sh*t the Aventador is worth it just for the noise!!!!!!!!! Such an Awesome video guys, great job indeed!

  18. Post By AMOD: :

    the last bit 5th gear on the long straight must be doing around 150mph

  19. Post By Gallivant Wanders

    I could watch this video all day.

  20. Post By Glasses Gus

    I want to do this

  21. Post By TheAboriginal


  22. Post By Q. Anyui

    one of the best aventador sv soundclip so far…

  23. Post By James Anthony Morris

    Henry I saw you whilst you were on the Isle of Man you were on marine drive taking some drive by shots of the car. I was stood there gawping at the lambo for ages

  24. Post By mike569112

    2:25…giving that thing the tits!

  25. Post By Stefanus Alfredo Tedy

    Tiesto – Walking on Clouds

  26. Post By yodeling lamalasagna

    that sunset doooooo!!!!

  27. Post By phantom2k10

    will there be a a huracan sv? that would be flipping epic

  28. Post By Miky mouse

    thank you EVO, the best car symphony in the best track of the world

  29. Post By dennis woode

    Absolutely incredible

  30. Post By Onslaught305

    That V12 sounds pissed.

  31. Post By behemothinferno

    It invokes so much emotion leading me to cry.

  32. Post By brian centi


  33. Post By David García

    So this is Heaven….. Just as I thought :)

  34. Post By staggabob

    I did this last year. In a rental Fiesta 1.0 Ecoboost….come to think of it, it wasn't as good.

  35. Post By Biff Tannen, Esq.

    Life imitates art? That dash display and its gear indicator … could not be more video-gamey. Effective, mind you….

  36. Post By Tommy1198S

    TT Course, Yes.

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