Flying Past Trees and Bikinis – /LAUNCH CONTROL: S02E12

/DRIVE is proud to partner with Subaru’s LAUNCH CONTROL. Catch up on Season 2, as we lead up to the premiere of Season 3 on May 20!

Season 2 kicks off with a frigid bang as Team Subaru attacks the event known as Sn* Drift 2014.

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“You only truly know how to accomplish something once you have actually done it. Turning points and opportunities are only fully recognized with hindsight.

So, for a team as experienced as Subaru Rally Team USA, reverse engineering a championship title should be straight forward. Except it never is.

Thousands of circumstances and decisions led to this moment, and no two seasons will offer the same opportunities. Experience might form the road map to a title, but it’s a road map already out of date. The 2014 championships bring new competition, new events, and new cars. A new road awaits.

This is Season Two of Launch Control.” – Subaru’s Launch Control Page


  1. Post By MrTGundo

    This is, by far, one of the best things on youtube. Thank you, so much.

  2. Post By Rustevican Fix it

    FIX IT…………………………HERE

  3. Post By MrHqyang

    is the narrator reXXXXed?his monotone…really …..XK@!JWL:M!

  4. Post By NEDIX

    get a different narrator, this isn't a documentary

  5. Post By RyanRants

    Has the series moved completely to /DRIVE, or is Subaru still going to upload new episodes on their channel?

  6. Post By dreadwing01

    Well I found a new channel too watch. Thank you

  7. Post By Mojo522

    Right on Bucky! Team Subaru USA all the way! ✌

  8. Post By Adam Curtis

    Seeing one of these rally cars on a non-closed road would be so cool…

  9. Post By Alain Quiros

    This series is awesome!

  10. Post By Breon Nagy

    I designed the Friday course for the Ojibwe Forest Rally in this video :D It's so awesome to see the cars fly through the jump at the crossroads!

  11. Post By NoSkillzJustGillz

    the best series on youtube period man

  12. Post By Jordan Payne

    quite like this series

  13. Post By GrussimoGarage

    Another fan has just been created… Well done.

  14. Post By StunLock Woes

    This series is awesome! I was actually at the GRC event in daytona last year. Its cool to see the drivers perspective of it.

  15. Post By kseries1981

    This Launch Control series has some amazing production value. Keep it up!

  16. Post By Robert Bilodeau

    Great vid! Absolutely loved every episode :)

  17. Post By BossyCriminal

    song at 1:55?

  18. Post By iPlatano07

    6:43 WTF O_o!

  19. Post By Aaron Morgan

    Lol "Nothing like a stiff diff in the morning" :)

  20. Post By moaski


  21. Post By Logan Lake

    I kinda love this show…suburu advertising being pushed so hard can be a little cringey sometimes but the show is done really well so I can't help but like it.

  22. Post By Andy M

    Agree with a lot of people on here. Watched the full season so far. It is very well made, interesting, fun to watch and emotionally investing for me at least  – in drivers and team. Please keep them coming :)

  23. Post By Stoopidly Stoned

    where did buckey lasek come from haha guess im out of the loop. What happens when you dont have cable for 10 years

  24. Post By Franco Pettine

    This Series IS TOTALLY AMAZING! Cant be more well done!

  25. Post By Dan Frederiksen

    Dumb vehicles with absolutely zero relevance for the future.

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