FOCUS RS – Let The MODS Begin!

We start modifying our Focus RS that we built in Germany at the Ford Factory, but will it have what it takes to defeat SuperGramps in an AWD turbo battle? In this series, we’ll find out!!

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(This is Stage 1 Mods and we’ll be going all the way to Stage 12)


Also something to note around Mighty Car Mods: we are normal guys and are not trained mechanics. We like to make interesting car mods and show you how we’ve gone about it, but we can’t promise that anything we show you will work for your particular car, or that you won’t harm yourself, someone else, your car or your warranty doing it. Please be safe, be responsible and unless you know what you’re doing, do not fool around with very serious machinery just because you’ve seen us make it look so easy. Talk to a qualified mechanic if you are in any doubt.

44 thoughts on “FOCUS RS – Let The MODS Begin!

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  2. pohmakas33 says:

    Is moogs real name moog?

  3. 4:05 .. yay bubble wrap

  4. all bmx bikes are 15mm you never messed with one

  5. Rudi Marx says:

    I didn't go and re-watch the video, but I'm sure you would have used a 15mm on the Beetle when you swapped the motor

  6. Hope youre ready to crack a block, head, sleeve or blow a headgasket lol

  7. Zoixy says:

    Wish you bought a Levorg.

  8. Jay Harris says:

    Martin was having way to much fun with the bubble wrap haha

  9. SS Imperator says:

    21 times

  10. SS Imperator says:

    5:52 was about to say 5 until Moog popped it like 20 times.

  11. Stuck the upgraded filter in my 2012 Ford Corolla and made 872 horsepower!

  12. We pop the hood in America.

  13. dsegundo says:

    What's that lift you guys are using?

  14. 8:40+ is innuendo

  15. 15 mm socket on Jeep hubs

  16. Latexual says:

    Song at 18:50?

  17. The 3 Amigos says:

    I wanna run over your hocus pocus with me Jeep

  18. I wish I could buy that from you guys.

  19. George Mav says:

    Can anyone tell me what car lift that is if you can you go in the draw to winning an iPhone x!!

  20. Where do you guys get your parts from in Australia?

  21. I hope your Engineblock wont wreck like they like to.

  22. Sandyman45 says:

    Get ready for a cracked block. Yay ford quality!

  23. DRAKO9764 says:

    Dear MCM, be on the lookout for coolant in the 2nd and 3rd cilinders, I've seen some videos on this matter, it seams the head gasket is at fault, and the poor engine block design!

  24. Mark Green says:

    What lift did you use?

  25. nethalus says:

    Oh dear, lads expect the already glass engine go bang quicker, they are lasting around 20,000 miles before hydro-locking due to the weak design of the block & heads, the block & heads warp, and head gasket fails. Oh dear, should have bought Japanese

  26. H Chami says:

    I watched you guys years ago, you guys where installing iPads in the dash. Found you guys doing turbos now lol subscribed

  27. Lol they should have just painted the factory wheels

  28. 46 pops of bubble wrap I do believe.

  29. Step one ~~jack up the car~~

  30. I swear at the endof the intro it said Marty car mods

  31. jko0two says:

    Looks like you're working on a bmw ;)

  32. Thai Dang says:

    After spending 2.5 hrs slowing the video down enough to hear the pop, i can definitely say there was 77 pops.

  33. Kaur says:

    Jesus, why are you acting like clowns, whatever happened to the professional content

  34. Riceaholics says:

    am i just dirty minded or were they making sexual jokes 8:55 saying tip, nut on top, shaft, lmao

  35. Dave Bailey says:

    What did he use to jack the car???

  36. The Fulcrum says:

    why are the axles rusted on a brand new car?

  37. abialo2010 says:

    the haltech guys are still trying to get the knife out of their back. cobb. smh

  38. What's the song at 8:01 ?

  39. 5×112 is very widely used…can you guys do some form of research?

  40. Jeff Boyd says:

    I feel bad you guys have to do so many PSA's to the angry youtuber's lol

  41. @12:19 mcpherson

  42. Harry Crisp says:

    Crazy it wasn’t even that big of a suspension drop, but it really did make a difference. Looks great!

  43. Kerri McKeon says:

    DUDE the whole put it in SCHTICK is funny!!

  44. you pop the bubble wrap 25 times

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