FOCUS RS – Preparing for BOOST! (Stage 1,000,000 MODS)

We install an upgraded font mount intercooler and aftermarket exhaust on our Focus RS in preparation for a boosted battle with SuperGramps…

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Also something to note around Mighty Car Mods: we are normal guys and are not trained mechanics. We like to make interesting car mods and show you how we’ve gone about it, but we can’t promise that anything we show you will work for your particular car, or that you won’t harm yourself, someone else, your car or your warranty doing it. Please be safe, be responsible and unless you know what you’re doing, do not fool around with very serious machinery just because you’ve seen us make it look so easy. Talk to a qualified mechanic if you are in any doubt.

41 thoughts on “FOCUS RS – Preparing for BOOST! (Stage 1,000,000 MODS)

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  2. Ivan Mendoza says:

    18:38 I want this song.. I guess he hasn’t released the song

  3. Supa says:

    Not only that but it seems the Focus RS motor is a peice of rubbish waiting to fail. Go check some of the issues people are having! The last thing this thing needs is more power.

  4. geez all I can so is dream

  5. Still looks the same. No?

  6. John Kang says:

    Captain American helped you to installed exhaust

  7. The reg TAG!!! FOCUS RT is SEXYToo like Jelly Dognuts!!!

  8. I wish I had an RS. I'll have to make do with making videos on my ST lol

  9. Sick Racka Racka shirt Moog

  10. I only wear black clothes for the extra performance and stealth

  11. What was the tune right at the very beginning before the intro? Sounded naughtyy

  12. Hey guys …. what car lift do you use?
    Can you give me the link?
    It‘s fine to work in a garage

  13. idnq34 says:

    Fake ass duel exhaust

  14. "That is big and black" that's what she said…

  15. 7:39 Iheard you Moog

  16. nice racka racka shirt!

  17. ccooxxyy says:

    Is that an RB26 in the corner?? You have inspired me to do similar mods on my 'newish' car over here in Scotland! Awesome vids!! Keep it up!! :-)

  18. James Russo says:

    "Yeah, it's stage 52 bruh"

  19. Ivan Cliff says:

    Are you guys going to fix the open deck on that 2.3 so it can handle more power….?

  20. Dave Bailey says:

    What they use to jack the car??

  21. Dunno Blue says:

    My gtr runs miltek

  22. Chock Nurris says:

    Wow they're really challenging Engineering Explained with their black intercoolers

  23. Danil Berkov says:

    Я вас смотрю из России.

  24. What is the name of the track at 2:55? Thanks!

  25. What's the song at 17:17 ?

  26. INov8t 808 says:

    Have you guys found out if that company sent you those free parts because you’re MCM? or it just came with the springs as a package deal?

  27. topdogtommo says:

    The upgraded intercooler was originally designed & manufactured by an english company called ALICOOL LTD. That is a copy from the original & will not perform as well.

  28. U guys are cool, i just dont like the rs, every angle the thing looks like a cross over, is that what the new focus is? If not then why does the roof go upto to moogs shoulders, my old civic just goes over my abs n im 5ft 10, i can wash the whole roof from one side, cant do that on modern cars, u guys to great work n i respect what u do, just my opinion on new cars, id like if u guys did a civic with a h22 swap, thats What i have n not alot can keep up, hopefully ur next project is something unique ish n not with a newer car please.

  29. Kong Karp says:


  30. Robert S says:

    Where did you get your hydraulic lifts from they look great??

  31. point break!

  32. ZX says:

    Just realized moog is rocking a limited edition Ronald rackaracka shirt. Damn man

  33. LimuKarhu says:

    I thought Focus RS already had a turbo….? So are they preparing it for more boost?

  34. Curticus says:

    Brand new $40K car… Still has a hood prop and no hood shocks :p

  35. not much diference if its squashed or not, the guys on motor trend done it on a dyno and bashed the fuck out of the exhaust headers with a hammer and the only difference was the increase in hp :))

  36. 5L1D3R513 says:

    If you guys miss getting dirty i have a 2jz sitting in my drive way. if you want to help me stick in in a dirty old car …. i have a 330i E46 you guys can drive around New Zealand and you can stay at "Hey wolfie cottage" free as long as you need
    —– please might car mods pimp my ride —

  37. Sn Drd says:

    2:51 "we need to remove a lot of stuff from the front of the Yaris….?"

  38. Too bad mcm sold out. Just buy a freaking nugget and do something to it. I don't care about this RS piece of garbage

  39. Ford has been putting turbos on cars as early as 1985 and GM 1879. I wonder what the first factory turbo production car was.

  40. MJM MJM says:

    You should turbo charge or supercharge a Toyota Yaris just for fun!! Maybe build a sleeper Yaris.

  41. Raef Cag says:

    It's cool how you guys still put out videos with wacky titles, too many channels go full serious mode at a similar number of subscribers, you are still having fun! (this video, Delivery From Japan, the creeper, etc)

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