Frankfurt motor show 2015 – What do you want to see? | evo MOTOR SHOWS

We’re on the ground at the Frankfurt motor show and taking your requests.

Comment below letting us know what you’d like us to produce a movie on and we will do our best to make it.


  1. Post By Eric Yui

    Thunder Power electric saloon!

  2. Post By capo mt

    show us some cars of the tuning companies

  3. Post By manuel martin cuadrado

    I'd like to see all about mansory and bugatti and of course all about bentley thank you so much for this great channel

  4. Post By Oscar Arzate

    The Mazdaspeed3 Or Mazda 3 mps (hoping it gets there)

  5. Post By James Sheehy

    Strange and hilarious mansory cars

  6. Post By Murat Küden

    Could you also please ask why there is a crazy delay in delivering GT4s? And why they are so unresponsive to customer inquiries?

  7. Post By Ryan Avancena

    A floor tour! :)

  8. Post By Diogo Tomás

    Giulia :D

  9. Post By King E

    just show us mansory already pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  10. Post By Chris Filios

    focus rs

  11. Post By Keith Andres

    Definitely the Alfa Romeo Giulia of both rwd and awd showing the difference between the two!

  12. Post By TheTallAbacus

    What does Ford have going on there if anything??

  13. Post By Gustavo Moreno Peralta

    mazdaspeed 3 concept 2016

  14. Post By BurnDuration

    Caterham? Atom? BAC?

  15. Post By Griffin Sheh

    BMW M6 GT3!!!

  16. Post By skoreq

    dacia & koenigsegg!!!!

  17. Post By Gerardo Telese

    ALFA ROMEO GIULIA!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Post By Filip Norén

    Giulia! Giulia QV! All Giulias!

  19. Post By Anthony Bravo

    I would want to see YOU tomorrow! I work at Smart and it would definitely make my day if you could come by. I'll be standing next to a tailor made Safety car version of the Smart Fortwo, I know it might not be exciting for you to film, but if you can, please come say hi :)

  20. Post By GuitarPlayer1244

    The normal spec Alfa Romeo Giulia

  21. Post By Ashen


  22. Post By ULCC

    Motorshow babes…Let's face it modern cars are fugly.

  23. Post By Brembo Z


  24. Post By Makke

    Alfa Romeo Giulia!!! And also everything!!

  25. Post By riemjann1

    Mission E!

  26. Post By Haseeb Noor

    focus rs please

  27. Post By shane holley

    Alfa Romeo Giulia!

  28. Post By Ricardo Simpkins

    vw r420

  29. Post By Andrew Karmy

    bentayga and the cheapest car you can find at the show.

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