Future of Transportation – Scion iQ Concept – 09 New York

Editor In Chief Angus MacKenzie introduces us to what Scion calls the “Future of Transportation,” the ultra-compact citycar hatchback, the iQ.

45 thoughts on “Future of Transportation – Scion iQ Concept – 09 New York

  1. FacePwn64 says:

    I SO wanna drive a Pokemon around town… C'MON TOYOTA! Get this into America NOW! Oh wait, this thing must have such awesome gas mileage that no American – oops, I mean AmeriCAN'T car can compete with it. Plus the reliability and awesomeness of Toyota, America will probably ban it for making its cars look bad (as if their cars didn't already look bad). But the rednecks will keep buying American cars and send jobs to Mexico, with some pay as well. GO TOYOTA!

  2. @sandysun714 ,,,, what do you prefer a hummer, or mustang,,,, cadillacs etc,,,, cars ready to do cheselsss?

  3. hardly 3 seater, I sat in it at the New York Auto Show and had a friend sit in the rear seat…Not comfortable…And the fourth seat is utterly useless…Not to mention my friend's hair was in the rear window. No matter how many airbags it has, it won't matter if that rear structure can't take a hit because that Hummer's bumper's going straight through that window.

    "Funky image"? I wouldn't worry about, the majority of Scion buyers are old people anyway…

  4. raretrick says:

    I choose YOU, scion iQ!

  5. There's no cruise control.. :(

  6. I will go to britain get one and comeback if they dont sell it here pffffff

  7. -4 Passengers: Think not unless the 4th passenger is a very small child. The 4th seat is literally only half a seat.
    -0-60: 11s (98hp) 14.7 (80hp)
    -Safety: Take a look at the 2008 Toyota Yaris' ratings (without side airbags).
    -Fuel consumption: Rivals the smart…
    -Price tag: Equal to a smart coupe.
    -Style: A very unconventional design. Looks small but aggressive and fast.
    -Top Speed: 85mph
    -Horsepower: 80 (base) 98 (higher end)
    Sounds like a fun smart competitior to me!

  8. I agree with u man, this car looks totally hot considering its a "smart" car. Way better then the actual smart car in my opinion. And its amazing that they figured a way to pack four people in that thing. cant imagine it would be comfy though.
    nu kitaizi pomestyaza bez problem naverno ;)

  9. American cars look so old.
    Iv just moved there from the UK and everything looks so old compared to what im used to.

  10. herecy13 says:

    i'm buying one

  11. 5lain says:

    wow i would never buy that lol

  12. VIPLex says:

    Lol, this car looks like a cartoon character from the front.

  13. oilhammer04 says:

    If the Liberals have their way, we will all walk while they ride in Limos.

  14. yourbangness says:

    dude that car looks like what would happen if an XD rape a smart car

  15. JUST AWESOME, INDEED !!! This is a car for the young and the young at heart, and with the name IQ, it will absotuely makes its owners look even smaster everytime they're passing by the gas stations! The oil companies would love to hate this little warrior !!!

  16. This is a smart car, if the other "itty bitty" smart cars passed the U.S. crash tests, then the iQ can. It's not made for highways and roadtrips.

  17. T Melton says:

    I like it, it's a cool car.

    I wont be purchasing one though…

  18. PIKACHUUU!!!!

    PIKA PIKA!!!!

  19. Larry Reed says:

    I wouldn't trust the safety on an Indy
    style race car, just based on the looks.
    The IQ will have to pass the crash tests
    to hit the roads in the U.S. If they pass
    and the price is where it should be
    (mid to low teens) I'll think about
    buying one.

  20. 200 hp and I'll take one.

  21. ChaksQ says:

    I truly hope they do bring it here. I want one, no they are not for most people, but Scion does not target cars at most people, get over yourselves. If you want a big truck, a full sized sedan, or a high end sports car: get one. There are plenty of options both new and used for every kind of car, why shouldn't I be able to have a iQ if it suits me best?

  22. bezzle67 says:


  23. LOL IS PIKACHU??????

  24. I wanna see an M1A1 Abrams tank in a 40mph front to front collision with a King Tiger tank.

  25. Fiat 500 is the future. Toyota IQ is just an overpriced rubbish.

  26. 24ecko says:

    Great, i thought Hasbro stopped making Micro Machines

  27. Sour Grey says:

    yea me too. I guess if i could drive a mini cooper or a Suzuki Swift, im sure i could drive this too. As long as its quick, tunable and gets good mpg. ill be happy.

  28. its a nice car i guess i would drive it. yet i might feel a little funny showing up at a meeting with it lol i like the color too

  29. LOL, it looks like a pokemon, thats too funny.

  30. 408skills. says:

    that color is embarrassing tho.

  31. 伍錦達 says:

    I hell would want one of these so badly!!!

  32. Mac Korince says:

    I like the colour

  33. G3r4pro says:

    dude that shit looks pretty bad ass i would drive it!!!! i mean i prolly wouldn't go past 75 but it look great.

  34. Armani89 says:

    I'M SO GLAD THE iQ IS COMING TO THE U.S! That car is too cute :D . Sorry what? A Yaris sized car with seven seats? Is that possible?! Wow… that'll be a sight to see.

  35. andy0902 says:

    lol, i think they should sell a road version with a 1.6T engine, and as for the WRC, a 2.0T in the back would be so cool!

  36. Yoda8232 says:

    Make it rear wheel drive and there you go, mini AE86! <3

  37. I wonder how it would handle a rollover at high speeds.

  38. andy0902 says:

    that car looks like its ready to race in the WRC!

  39. piwright42 says:

    The more I see this 5Axis makeover the more I do not like it. I think the bodywork is just a little too busy. Still the concept is interesting.

  40. Troy C says:

    I think the car look sick… in a good way :-)

  41. FORDboy357 says:

    That would be a FANTASTIC autocrosser.

  42. APA 2 says:

    not really

  43. APA 2 says:

    i bet henry ford would be so embarassed, if he were here to see this

  44. WakeUp! says:

    that outside paint is a piece of shit …

  45. intro music sounds like gta sand andreas loading screen music.

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