Geneva Motor show 2018 walk around part2 Ferrari, McLaren, Rolls, AMG, Mansory

My take on the Geneva Motorshow 2018, finishing off with Hall 2 (Hall 1 highlights are in Geneva 2018 part1 vid). Includes the good, bad and the downright ugly from this year’s show. This video was created with the support of:

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39 thoughts on “Geneva Motor show 2018 walk around part2 Ferrari, McLaren, Rolls, AMG, Mansory

  1. 'bolt on arches always work'…LOL

  2. Keith Ryan says:

    Harry thanks so much man for the very delightful walk around Geneva 2018 :))

  3. Ch33ki DVL says:

    I think that crazy finish on the Mercedes,is unidirectional carbon fibre,which has a clear gloss laquer finish,and is stronger than the regular carbon fibre more common on super cars.

  4. Huge fan of JAG. Glad to see them back in serious competition !

  5. Niandra says:

    That Range Rover is utterly stunning- my pick to be sitting in the back travelling across any given country.

  6. This is all well and good but after all is said and done and all the lust has died down I'll just keep with a 1990s W124 Merc.
    17:52 surely they can't be serious with that thing?

  7. Steve O says:

    I dont think I'll ever tire of Harry making fun of Mansory in his polite British way

  8. galiathen says:

    Love that Harry knows how to stay young ….he motivates me …has been for so long( edit) and that McLaren senna is very ugly …like the ugliest car they have ever made

  9. Karr Knutt says:

    Thank you Harry, few things are better than a trip to a car show with you.

  10. Kameo Kid says:

    You really need to invest in gimbal. Your video all tho the content is good the quality is too shaky to watch. Might finish watching in sections but all at one time is really bad. Sorry to be a negative but if your serious about filming a gimbal is a must have when walking around.

  11. ThatRosco458 says:

    This is proof that Harry should do more commentary videos! Even for smaller car events I think they'd be very entertaining and informative

  12. Masonry catering for berks with more money than sense. "I can't think what to spend all my millions on, oh, l think I'll have a stone worktop on my silly Veyronny"

  13. Elon (Noel) Musk., sod orffffff.

  14. Who are the psychopaths who threaten us with having to get rid of our petrol and diesel cars? There is more than three hundred years worth of crude in the ground and much more to be located.

  15. Daniel Han says:


  16. you are the best harry, you are the best

  17. Riko Widjaja says:

    Aarrrghhh… liberty walk

  18. part 2 for more sardonicism

  19. Peter Curtis says:

    Thank you Harry. You are the most knowledgable car critic available to us laymen.

  20. Malinkovskid says:

    Can some one tell me the name of the color of the 720s @ 19:38 ,please?

  21. HEKTIC458 says:

    The new Supra is ugly! Just let it rest in peace or build a proper one!

  22. Jim Smith says:

    Great video Harry. Was there myself, nice review. I liked the Volkswagen electric van the most…

  23. Rocket bunny Lambo is one thing but vomit inducing Mansory cars are just wrong

  24. Am I the only one that just is not interested in the McLaren P15 (Senna).

  25. 328gts1987 says:

    The concept Honda (small) looks like retro Peugeot 205 from the '80s, not impressing.
    The restyled Stratos is looking insane, pricing is ludicrous ;-)
    The E-Jaguar is on top, but 300 miles range?! using 90kWh? not 300km's?

  26. It still looks like Africa Twirl

  27. H it's a VALKYRIE not a Valorky hahahah

  28. James Preen says:

    Anyone else hear Vehicle Virgin's voice in the background at 13:22?

  29. noname says:

    Please don't be so complimentary about Mansory next time!

  30. amphilbey says:

    Just brilliant Harry as ever and with extra homour for the modded cars

  31. As always great reviews of the Geneva motor show thank you

  32. Peter Curtis says:

    Love that Harry loves the Mazda!!!

  33. Eidrian111 says:

    How on earth did mansory and liberty walk get a stand in Geneva?? Those tasteless, horrid and vulgar things should be banned from that show.

  34. Cwp209 says:

    VAL…KA…REEEEEE…. say it with me now…. Wagner didn't write "Ride of the Valorkees" did he?

  35. Mansory & Liberty Walk = How to TOTALLY ruin cars!

  36. Scott Vasey says:

    I love how Harry is one of the only vloggers who’s actually honest and says good with bad. All I see from others is overly positive to try and brown nose manufacturers.

  37. Thanks Harry, best coverage of Geneva!

  38. Djpaul 1210 says:

    Can't help but notice a distinct absence of the once prevalent scantily clad ladies posing next to the vehicles previously seen at Geneva. Rather predictable that the latest bout of PC bullshit has thoroughly pissed on that barbecue.

  39. 17:42 ah the pigeon's shat on it look.

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