Geneva Motorshow 2018 walk around part1. Pagani, Lambo, Porsche, Aston

My take on the Geneva Motorshow 2018, kicking off with Hall 1 (Hall 2 video comes next). Includes the good, bad and the downright ugly from this year’s show. This video was created with the support of:

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  1. Post By MOR

    Very refreshing. All the other Youtuders are too busy kissing the arses of car companys to get free rides but not harry. Straight to the point and honest, brilliant harry don't hold back. Keep it up

  2. Post By kumbackquatsta

    harry is savage. don't ever soften the truth.

  3. Post By Karr Knutt

    Thank you Harry, few things are better than a trip to a car show with you.

  4. Post By scruffy wuffy


  5. Post By Ross Gillen

    Brilliant harry! Cheers

  6. Post By Azat Iskandarov


  7. Post By Filbert V

    Sad to hear that Toys R Us is closing all of its stores here in the U.S., but glad to hear we'll still have the Geneva Motorshow for our big boy toys! Ah, to be there in person, you are one lucky man Harry, and thank you for entertaining us armchair traveler car junkies! Cheers.

  8. Post By Caridad Ortiz


  9. Post By Scott 70

    Bentley Bentayga is the "tranny " of the automotive world. You know something's not quite right when you first lay eyes on it ..

  10. Post By Michael Jandavs

    BMT218A license on the flying car? Is that a reference to James Bond's BMT216A plate on his DB5? LOL

  11. Post By SJW Maniac

    What's very suspicious: a lot of "not British" cars always get massive critizism from this old idiot here! But all British cars, no matter what brand it is without exception, in his opinion are "fantastic" and he always is so "excited about" them… Booooooring!! I just can't hear his shit! But what else should we expect from such a fucking snobbish British idiot?!

  12. Post By SJW Maniac

    Your are talking quite bullshit… Mr. Harry! The new Porsche 911 GT3 RS isn't "the final" version with a N/A engine at all! It's not the last in the line! There was nothing communicated by Porsche in this matter. Your claim about that is just rumours by some people. The next 911 aka "992", will have turbo engines and at the midcycle refresh it will get a plug-in-hybrid version… that are the only facts in this case! But that says nothing about the engine of the GT cars. Porsche will certainly bring another GT3 and GT3 RS with this N/A engine to life! You better talk to Andreas Preuninger from Porsche, because he says this engine has "so much potential". I can't understand why some people, mostly British people, always are spreading this bullshit, it's "the last one"…?! Just remember, even the previous GT3 and after that following the 911 R were announced with "the last N/A engine in a 911" by such smart asses… lol! What a bullshit! Believe me: there's still more to come!

  13. Post By Colin Kao

    When is Honda coming out with the LaHonda?

  14. Post By residentflea

    As far as electrical cars….Total garbage and this futuristic crap is only because the fake Al Gores and NGO are trying to push the bullshit of electric cars. Have you seen the emissions an electric car gives off. We have plenty of nature gas and there is no way that the world GOV's can fight the big 'oil' drillers. However, there will be a small market. Maybe ten or 15 percent for our generation. As far as looking way into the future. I can see it, but not yet. Harry, your the man!

  15. Post By Jacob Cook

    earn event look medicine interaction individual loan acceptable obstacle rich.

  16. Post By Brian Kessler

    "A car the world doesn't need" Hahaha

  17. Post By Hoffalo


  18. Post By JFB 101

    Harry, shave your head and grow your beard man.

  19. Post By a man called james

    Great info perfectly delivered as always, thank you. When you mention autonomous vehicles, you must realise that the plan is to do away with self driven vehicles altogether. That’s surely not something that appeals to you?

  20. Post By Hairoo

    Did you still own the Zonda F ?

  21. Post By martin stephenson

    Did you go skiing on this trip?

  22. Post By Vok Star

    It's taken me a while to get around to watching this. The Subaru, looks interesting indeed. Was surprised by that and the lack of people on the stand.

  23. Post By Prof. Michael O. Zeee JCD ECS

    Jesusss, you walk by the Disco-Volante… like it does not exist, while it is one of the most beautiful cars in the show! ;-) I don't get it!

  24. Post By Nordi Mejia

    The valkirie is ugly

  25. Post By Nordi Mejia

    Lamborghini is turning to be really boring. I am not dissin the SUV. The aventador hasnt aged well.

  26. Post By Nordi Mejia

    Another Zonda?… Come on, Horacio…!. You are better thsn that!

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