Hawaiian Off-Road Adventure: Jeep vs Toyota! – Dirt Every Day Ep. 48

Ever wanted to go on a tropical vacation and bring your jeep? Well this time on Dirt Every Day presented by 4 Wheel Parts, Fred shows you how when he finds himself in the middle of a tropical jungle with his good old Jeep Wrangler TubeSock. Fred must hang with the locals to learn the ways of the rainforests and try to survive the slippery, muddy, bug infested trails on the Hawaiian Island of Oahu. Will he have a wonderful vacation or die of malaria in a muddy swamp? Tune in to find out!

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31 thoughts on “Hawaiian Off-Road Adventure: Jeep vs Toyota! – Dirt Every Day Ep. 48

  1. jeepinaround says:

    19 minutes in I heard it Diesel a little that's when the lightbulb comes on !! ding!! Diesel swap, running 4lo 2nd gear not enough wheel speed, probably won't pull 3rd with the 4cyl . awesome video non the less.

  2. put finance fluid much journey business critical partner embrace gesture off suggest european.

  3. Ron I says:

    poor engine

  4. merpfer says:

    fuck dude.

  5. What rear bumper is that again?

  6. ChefGiovanni says:

    Rad and stoked, right on bro's.

  7. Jeremy Pilot says:

    Makes me wonder what kind of four wheel knowledge the guys at 4Wheel have. I bought a set of Grabbers for an S10 blazer I had. They were on the truck for one weekend and I was so upset by their lack of performance I took them back. Bought Mastercraft coursers ATX ten times the tire and was a bunch cheaper. Man those tires ruined your weekend…

  8. Brey Kruskie says:

    My wife says that tube sock is a terrible name for that Jeep lol

  9. Mark A says:

    Is there a 2Jz in there ???

  10. He made it!! DANG & with mall crawler tires,,, LOL

  11. pimpmafuqa says:

    Have those same lugs at 4:05

    You are definitely not supposed to use an enerpac on them with the special socket.

  12. Miglo X says:

    21:50 LOL… that old dude is really funny!!

  13. Who is this pink clouth guy why he will not come in camera

  14. If this guy tried giving me that “low-five high-five” bullshit, I’d have put five to his face.

  15. It's not everyday you see a jeep pulling out a yota lol

  16. 18:40 -"Can we go around this side?"
    -"No, no you cannot… It's only for Toyotas"

  17. slow mo says:

    dislike for what you did to that engine

  18. @0:43 he says tryers

  19. PAUL Jordan says:

    Would chained tyres work in mud.?

  20. 231mac says:

    Errrr, your Toyota's on fire… 16:12

  21. He should put a 2jz in tubsock since he likes to hit the rev limiter

  22. gerekappo says:

    Hey guys, it's actually amazing to watch an episode like this one, make me laugh thru the entire video.
    Happy to see this, thanks!!

  23. Todd Pierson says:

    All that work to seat the bead are you kidding me? Surely you've got a little bit of gas and a lighter right?

  24. Vollick says:

    the problem with sponsors giving ya tires… they suck ass

  25. Good Fella says:

    I love how many guys are on the rag about the rev limiter lmfao.

  26. marsbar1965 says:


  27. DG 465 says:

    I know Sam, super cool dude!

  28. That little jeep is awesome nothing can stop it

  29. fred's a fucking operator

  30. its that front axle housing a JK's? what brand are the knuckles?

  31. WolfBeats says:

    Has anyone taken the time to count how many times TubeSock has hit the rev limiter???

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