Hennessey Venom GT: The World’s Fastest Tuned Car – /TUNED

DRIVE EXCLUSIVE: With only six examples built to date, the Hennessey Venom GT could be considered the fastest street car in the world. Built off the Lotus Exige, this tuner car packs a 1200+ horsepower punch with a theoretical top speed of 272mph. Host Matt Farah takes a quick ride in the million dollar Texas built supercar for the Season 3 premiere of TUNED on DRIVE.

25 thoughts on “Hennessey Venom GT: The World’s Fastest Tuned Car – /TUNED


  2. Still it isn't the fastest sorry

  3. i totally understand why people take a koenigsegg over this, but i wish koenigsegg would build a car with a manual transmission (and yes i know the cxx has one but i mean a newer one)

  4. What if u were toping at 200mph and ur ceramic brakes fail

  5. The agera 1:1 makes more bhp man

  6. TheCSHeckler says:

    I don't like it. It is a bastardised Lotus with a very primative approach to making power. Even though the Evora isnt trying to compete with such a monster it was and is a design from a company which has survived since 1952. Maybe the comparison with Shelby is fair however I think his achievements with the AC Ace / Cobra are overrated. You cannot race a 427 powered one at Goodward or any other meeting for sports cars of an equivalent era. I would like to see Hennessy design and produce something more original and less backward looking in it's approach to power, weight, chassis and body design. These are the the things that a serious manufacturer does. Sorry but to me this car is an example of lazy thinking.

  7. Synchrosz says:

    Just got goose bumps seeing that car just fly away from the camera with that sound

  8. Man buggati can't accomplish anything only placing 2nd place

  9. SERGIO DADDY says:

    Why pay so much money for this unless you're a billionaire?! I prefer an Audi R8 or a Ferrari Italia !

  10. It looks very very fine, has power, very good work Mister Hennessey.

  11. John Henry says:

    Koenigsegg is #1 in style, performance, innovation & custom touches per client. Hands down the best. Although, it's good to see performance emerging from the other side of the pond

  12. I love John hennesy thank you so much for making this car

  13. This car is only self proclaimed fastest car it isn't even the 3rd fastest car in the world

  14. ᄋᄅᄋ says:

    진짜 미쳤다…. 한국에 들여올 사람은 없겠지….

  15. Buggati is fancy MODE

  16. don´t get the emotion to be in a car that it is a puzzle of cannibalize pieces of other cars made with the propose to be fast.
    This guys, just used and abused the work done for others really and truly cars companies and put together something to achieved the only goal of speed.
    without any consideration about original creation, structural integration, safety and international regulations or homologation to be able to drive in European roads.
    it´s a car without soul and without any respect for the hard work that genuine constructors put in their cars , like, Koenigsegg, Bugatti, Ferrari, etc…
    When this fake-car company build is motor and all parts of this car i will respect their work. until then ….just pretend to be in the same level ….

  17. peer says:

    American bullshit

  18. Stand Alone says:

    Agera rs just blew it's doors off

  19. Fantic1980 says:

    Those dad jeans though …

  20. Xbot4Life says:

    R8 V10 Plus plz

  21. Why is YouTube still featuring videos involving cars from this THIEF?!? Why is /Drive driving his cars?!? Do yourself a favor and Google Hennesey and the allegations against him before you heap praise on this vehicle, or any others that he presents.


  22. Irazz K says:

    How do you turn this on

  23. Thats what I love in american super cars…THEY ARE MANUAL!! Wonderful

  24. ZImpresive says:

    8:15 Challenge Accepted, I'll be waiting for your reply.

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