Hill climb challenge – Top Gear – BBC

Awesome challenge video with Jeremy Clarkson Richard Hammond and James May. It’s oldies vs youngsters in the Hill Climb Challenge. Click beneath the video to watch in high quality, and don’t forget to visit http://www.topgear.com for all the latest news and car reviews.

36 thoughts on “Hill climb challenge – Top Gear – BBC

  1. A Franca says:

    0:20 look like a boost Mobile is having an employee meeting.

  2. Zero Ninety says:

    He spent over £26000 on that piece of shit? What a waste.

  3. You can play the game where the 306 was designed in the car

  4. L. says:

    That 306 is such an eyesore… omg… a original 306 gti6 would be awesome tho…

  5. eqwe2 says:

    its so rice its not even english

  6. Adam Walker says:

    That Peugeot is utter shite, it looks pathetic

  7. Kaminski1022 says:

    So basicly richard likes a bit of rice

  8. Typical Ricer Vs Old Sleeper

  9. Bill Palmer says:

    This was almost 10 years ago???? Really?

  10. Topdog 06 says:


  11. Where's gaskings when you need him?

  12. 6.2 seconds? 26,000 pounds in mods + the original cost of the car?

    Should’ve just bought a fully upgraded 330ci or 330i for that money. Would’ve been hell of a lot faster, not to mention more reliable and better interior. I don’t get the mod community.

  13. Do someone saw an evo

  14. How many rice is that

  15. British vs brown British culture.

  16. ollesniper says:

    That peoguet was one hell ofriced out shit

  17. Grady L. says:

    All I could think with the first song is "my milk shake brings all the boys to the yard"

  18. Brian says:

    Poor Nissan GT-R r34

  19. RAIONZ TUBE says:

    what is the song on 1:20?

  20. Geoff Rules says:

    (Peugeot driver POV) I have wrecked my civic because vtec kicked in, and was impossible to control. Now I shall ascend to the level of the Peugeot driver.

  21. Toxic AF comment section. Its easy to critizise the Peugeot since at some point you all wanted a car like this, the older lighweight you dont even know anything about to critisize it.

  22. Daniel Dugan says:

    No, you won 2 world wars because America saved your butts lol

  23. alex byrne says:

    I sight a ricer


  25. Amir Amiri says:

    ricer vs trackday men

  26. What's the orchestral music that starts at 0:50? … Can track it down.

  27. Mid Noob1 says:

    He did put 26 grand in making the peugeot 200 ish hp xD

  28. Berk Karşı says:

    That Peugeot has more rice than Asia

  29. mynameisray says:

    200 bhp… Out if a 3.0L V6? My 2.0L I4 makes over 200 HP, and it's stock.

  30. That Peugeot is so riced

  31. AHGAMING16 says:

    watching this at 7 years old… I LOVE THE PEUGOT! watching now… WHAT IS THAT SACK OF SHIT?

  32. swietoslaw says:

    why not have both worlds and buy Mazda mx5 or just this Peugeot without all this junk ;)

  33. Marko Lecic says:

    1:19 ricer!!!

  34. Gavin Strong says:

    Rice Rice baby

  35. funkmachines says:

    no matter what you say about rice, that was actually a pretty well tuned car.

  36. Lion 54 says:

    Rice rice baby

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