History of New York International Auto Show


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  1. Post By Buy me Skittles

    I used to view cars as just a means to get from point A to point B. Well, that;'s not true… see, my friend in high school had this awesome ARRRRGGGGHHH THAT'S HOW IT STARTS….

  2. Post By Eli P.

    The horror of horrors, KARL MALDEN'S NOSE!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Post By David Mollura

    you should consider reloading this video with the historical pics. would be really cool

  4. Post By Whatever Happened To Fun?

    I didn't know about the violence between 1998 and 2010.Thank you for the video…New Trans-am… I didn't know that… but where's Pontiac?

  5. Post By Sam Harris

    So…every single incidence of violence at these car shows were committed by black gang bangers? How shocking.

  6. Post By cameronlovesevolve

    ''JD Buy Rider? Piece of crap'' – Angry Grandpa

  7. Post By Wyatt Miner

    I'm loving these stories Roman keep it up!

  8. Post By FonBaron

    1:24 That's exactly what I though when I first saw it.

  9. Post By Kasi Elango

    I love having tea and watching RCR, try it

  10. Post By PaJeezy

    12:50 what a comfortable looking suicide tent.

  11. Post By VagrentSaint

    I wanna know what the cost is to turn your camero into a trans am!!! So gaudy So awesome!

  12. Post By DOPE BEATZ BOY$

    7:49 lmao edm for life tho

  13. Post By Joseph Isaac Wong

    great job roman, this was really enjoyable

  14. Post By Lawrence Lentini

    dAY 39: SMalL dOg REVIEw

  15. Post By Swaying Hemlock

    My Benz is best Benz because I used a highlighter on it.

  16. Post By Reaos

    Thanks roman for the entertaining story.

  17. Post By David Irwin

    1:16 NOT A CAAARRRR!! It's too big to be a car!

  18. Post By coldstas

    NEED MORE BOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMM microflawesome stuff man

  19. Post By EightSix Andy

    hey what's Busto doing in that Corolla?

  20. Post By GrAYvTrAnE

    when I lived on long island, me, my dad, and my brother would go every year. That is one of the things I miss ist about being in NY

  21. Post By Rockthevox

    @1:10Thats a low blow manCockstar is soo much better then that

  22. Post By liverush24

    The picture and narration combination, caused my head to hurt a little.

  23. Post By Thiago Castillo

    Wire etc successfully carefully top egg.

  24. Post By Average Joe

    You said "Jaguar" correctly!

  25. Post By SPcamert

    I really loved this. I particularly loved being able to just listen and not pay attention to the visuals which always pull my attention when I'm trying to listen to your stories. I live in NY and have oddly never heard about any of the gang violence issues at the show (I'm not from the city though so that may be why). Please keep up your informative and interesting stories Roman. I dig them.

  26. Post By RayEttler

    So you call it "history" by not showing one old picture or sequence from the early days? Do you even conceive the meaning of it? Seems rather unlikely since the only thing this video consists of is your mumbling voice and blurry and highly uninspiring pictures from a very current NYIAS. Just dreadful. Next time at least finish eating before talking, please. Waste of time this is.

  27. Post By James Raymond

    Anyone else notice the pigeon wandering around the showroom floor @20:35 ??

  28. Post By Alexander Carabitses

    I was at the show on Good Friday, and while I was in the Jaguar/Land Rover stand, brand reps started locking the doors of cars. I later learned that some morons had taken their pocket knives to the interior of a VW Tiguan and a certain Chevy model.

  29. Post By john marston

    fuck westworld

  30. Post By dank the jank

    love it roman. you did a great job on this history episode.

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