How 4WD Works — 4Hi vs 4Lo vs 2Hi — Acceleration Testing

Testing The 4WD System In The 2017 Nissan Frontier Pro-4X
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How does 4WD work?
What’s the difference between 4Hi, 4Lo, and 2Hi?
What 4WD mode is the fastest?

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This video will discuss how 4WD systems work, using the Nissan Frontier Pro-4X as an example. The power is sent from the engine to a chain-style transfer case, which splits torque between the front and rear axle. The rear axle also has a locking differential.

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  1. Post By Upshift Z71

    check out my cummins


    lol wtf that truck looks the same as it did in 2002

  3. Post By DocB

    what exactly is traction control? is it different than "locking" my front wheels in 1st gen 98 tacoma?

  4. Post By daryll davis

    What do u mean by hi/lo?

  5. Post By Xx ObedGarcia xX

    Por que el titulo me aparece en español?

  6. Post By GhostRaptorr

    Don't blow the trans on one of these trucks. Blew my 07 trans and it costed me $3500.

  7. Post By MADD617

    Wait, you said 2017 model? You can still buy that old Navara (as it's badged in Australia) over there? We got the new model in march 2015…

  8. Post By blackscorpion002000

    If the car is on a lift, you will have three tires spinning in the air. The forth one wont spin.

  9. Post By F-450 6.7 PowerStroke

    I would like you to do this test on a Ford, Dodge or GMC/Chevy because I tried the acceleration tests in 2WD and 4Hi in my F-150 and because on 4Hi it is 50/50 torque front/rear my acceleration seemed quicker.

  10. Post By Scott Short

    Minor nitpick. In the situation where three tires don't have traction, the front tire will not spin at the same speed as the rear tires. The front and rear output shafts will spin at the same speed, of course, but due to the open diff and stationary right wheel, the front left tire will spin at twice the speed of the rears (due to spider gears in diff).

  11. Post By spaceminions

    I have a 4wd vehicle which might not have as much traction as this one; alternately perhaps it applies torque very suddenly in first gear. In some cases I've used 4wd to prevent wheelspin on hard acceleration on pavement, although usually that was because of a bump or slippery spot. I have, if memory serves, caused wheelspin on pavement in 4lo however.

  12. Post By Lok Tom

    Not a good test. It should be tested in sand, loose gravel, snow or ice.

  13. Post By Peter Konrad Konneker

    That seems highly complicated.

  14. Post By rayford21

    So please tell us under what circumstances would we choose one function over the other?

  15. Post By Alex1225TG

    My 2012 Land Rover LR4 HSE Lux has a permanent 4WD system, but no 2H, 4H, and 4L. It used Land Rover's Terrain Response system. You should consider making a video explaining that system.

  16. Post By ph1x3r

    Great video, always liked the styling of Nissan's Frontier, but I've heard a lot of bad about them.

  17. Post By momoProjects

    They still make the Frontier???

  18. Post By Bev

    In Australia we call that a Navara

  19. Post By Sebastian Rosenberg

    Put your tyres in the air like you just don't care. x)

  20. Post By Marion Mathieu

    Heavy eliminate advocate publisher weekly feeling feed.

  21. Post By RoofTopPigeon

    What Full-Time All Wheel Drive Car has the Fastest 0-60 mph time?

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