How The Acura NSX Connects Man To Machine

How Engineers Connected Man And Machine In the Acura NSX
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Acura believes the best way to engineer a feeling, to become one with the car, is the idea of zero-delay. Basically any inputs from the driver must result in immediate outputs from the car. For example, all of the interfaces that you as a driver touch, must react seamlessly. The throttle, the brakes, the steering, and the shifting. If there’s a delay between when you act, and when the car reacts, you feel disconnected from the driving experience, and it’s that delay that Acura sought to eliminate.

Typically with turbocharged engines, there’s a response delay in the throttle as a result of turbo lag. In the NSX, this delay is eliminated by using the immediate torque of the three electric motors. All three motors provide peak torque up to 2,000 RPM, and by 2,000 RPM the engine is ready to provide peak torque all the way to 6,000 RPM. The result is an instantaneous response to your throttle inputs, and a huge range of available torque regardless of the engine speed.

For the steering, the NSX uses an electronically assisted power steering rack with a variable ratio which gets progressively tighter as you turn the wheel. The ratio starts at 12.9, so you have quick turn in without much steering angle. But having a car that’s instantly responsive to your steering inputs isn’t just about the steering ratio.

With the mid-engine design, the vehicles mass is located towards the center, and this reduces the polar moment of inertia, allowing for the NSX to change directions more quickly. The body of car is a multi-material space frame that’s extremely rigid, so whenever steering input is asked for, it’s immediately answered.

On top of the rigid body and steering system, Acura also uses direct yaw control. Acura’s agile handling assist can brake the inside tires when turning into a corner to help prevent understeer, or brake the outside tires to help prevent oversteer. Simultaneously, the twin motor unit can provide negative torque to the inside tire in a corner to create a yaw moment, as well as accelerate the outside motor to help pull the car out of a corner. The motors can act independently of throttle control, meaning the twin motor unit can can send power instantly to the outside wheel as soon as the driver turns into a corner, as needed through the corner, and then at the throttle application point to help pull the car out of a corner and keep it on path. All of this tech is seamlessly combined to give the driver an instantaneous response to their steering inputs, and a car that follows the intended steering path.

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42 thoughts on “How The Acura NSX Connects Man To Machine

  1. Would love to see a video about how the dynamic brake system works in this car.

  2. Bach Do says:

    is this a collab with donut media ? I see the ipad logo, you car channels should collab more haha

  3. Great editing on this one. Very enjoyable. always been a fan of the NSX.

  4. Orange Crush says:

    Immediate feedback exists at 1/10th the price. It's called a sport bike.

  5. love the production quality! What do you film with? Can you do a behind the scenes of your setup? keep up the great work.

  6. i hate how they try to make it look like an audi r8

  7. Congratz on the sponsorship and thanks for all the awesome videos :)

  8. Hans Zarkov says:

    unfortunately it does not look like a super car. design fail

  9. Definitely seeing one in person and even riding in one is amazing. It's so fast and puts power down immediately; yet at the same time is so smooth and perhaps the most daily drivable supercar there is. The perfect mix between gasoline/electric technology. People hate on it right now but this is the way the automotive industry is going. As others have said I think as time goes on people will appreciate it for what it is. It's a blueprint for the future.

  10. "It [shifting] up when I forget to shift up" isn't a good thing in my opinion. I find it funny how aggressively Acura is advertising this car; sales aren't good and they're probably scratching their heads, wondering why the NSX isn't selling better.

  11. Ken S says:

    Bro you working for motortrend or something? The way this is filmed is very professional not your usual

  12. alphamech says:

    stepping up from white board .. well done Jason.

  13. Avg Lebowski says:

    Connecting man to machine I considered a electric car a machine, a tractor a machine, so his title was not misleading as many of these commentators make it sounds. The purpose of the of the sponsors video is to show you how the engineering that went into the NSX, was able to give feedback to the driver hence connecting the man to the machine.

  14. What is it about tapping on a blank tablet?

  15. Jason, you are simply amazing on everything, keep in mind theres people who dont care if its sponsored or not we just appreciate all the content you make because thats why we are here for, not to complain on whether we feel you "unnatural" So dont worry about it.

    Amazing video! and its of great value having this explanation about the NSX because opens up for discussion.


  16. Honda may have done it here, but when it comes to the big-boy version, F1 power plant, they sure fail miserably.. crap for reliability and 10% less power than the worst of the rest.. Just ask Fernando Alanzo. Just think of all the computers and sensors it takes to make this and other current cars even function… The electronics WILL fail long before the hard bits, and cost way too much to repair. We are about to see the largest production of high value non-repairable waste production in human history. Have fun while the run!

  17. If they wanted me to feel connected to the car they would have just reproduced the original NSX instead of making a spaceship on wheels. I get its technology but for fucks sake i like to drive my car not just get in and let it take me for a ride.

    Note: this car is a beautifully made vehicle and I take nothing away from the wonderful design. However, this is not a drivers car and is a large disappointment to those that appreciate the 80s/ 90s JDM. This is the future of motoring which is the saddest part about all of this.

  18. Just like a Play Station… So real.

  19. MazMazda3 says:

    Am I watching an Awkward ad…? Did Honda made you stand like that because you seem uncomfortable as heck man!

  20. Nick Amarit says:

    What if I ask for it to not shift for me when I want to bang the rev limiter? Can it do that?

  21. Class F says:

    I would buy one but I am to poor to afford one :(

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    Streets of Willow @ Willow Springs… Raced motorcycles there for many years! Fun track!

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    not a paid review

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    Is it possible to race her and have the wager be a date? <3

  30. Tony C says:

    Acura did nothing. Honda did… Please stop saying Acura did this or wants that…

  31. For the price this car is trash

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    Its SO exciting they are sitting on the lot…..

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    I'm liking this vid for you EE, not for Acura. Like seriously, I'm an Audi guy soooooo… ;)

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    Jason is like the Bill Nye of cars… And he kind of sounds like Bill Nye

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    hey buddy …you are brilliant … please make a video on "motion ratio" and how it is determined? …

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