How To Change & Inspect Spark Plugs

How To Change & Inspect Spark Plugs. How to change spark plugs in an inline four cylinder engine. Changing plugs in a 1999 Acura Integra is a fairly simple job, however there are some tips along the way worth understanding.

There’s several things you’ll want to look for while inspecting spark plugs. The electrode may be worn out, you may often see it rounded rather than flat. You want to check the plug gap, using a simple tool. For my car the recommended gap is 1.1 mm, you can check your owners manual for this information. You want to look for oil fouling or carbon deposits around the spark plug tip. It’s also a good idea to inspect the gasket where the plug seals with the head, and make sure the electrode insulator is not cracked. It’s important to replace the plugs with what the manufacturer recommends.

NGK recommends not using any anti-seize compounds on the plugs, as the lubricant may cause the installer to over torque the plug. The NGK plugs have a zinc shell plating that is designed to prevent seizure to the cylinder head, as well as prevent corrosion. Often plugs with a shiny appearance have a special coating, thus not requiring the use of anti-seize. Cheaper plugs with a darkened or dull appearance typically will not have a special plating, and in this case it is recommended to use anti-seize.

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36 thoughts on “How To Change & Inspect Spark Plugs

  1. Muli Cohen says:

    That's some great info, but what about reused plugs? For example, I inspected the spark plugs on a car I bought and they looked really good, but when I put them back in there is no play because the crash gaskets are already crushed, but now I don't know if they too tight or not tight enough and I'm worried it might damage the engine. Any idea?

  2. Did you read the box your wires came in, or did you just go with the dielectric grease? By box said not to use the grease because they're pre-treated. It's not something everyone would think of, and the even counter guy was trying to push me to use it. No thanks, I'll stick with the manufacturers recommendation!

  3. Kokurokoki says:

    Just got my car used and it had about 80,000 miles. The engine is rumbling a bit making me think that maybe the spark plugs haven't been changed at all. Will be doing this tomorrow.

  4. Negative on the dark or black plugs, Motorcraft plugs are black and still are baked with a coating . The use of antisieze on any plug is a no no, to some it's a myth that is dying hard!

  5. KrpytedKid says:

    have a engine light praying its minor to just a spark plug praying to the car gods

  6. Montez Bond says:

    Great informative video. I just bought some Bosch plugs that specified having a special coating on the so I guess I won't need that anti-seize after all. Thank you!!!!

  7. MrSalamona says:

    Hi, my Hyundai manual recommends using NGK BKR5ES but I wanna replace my spark plugs with the V power BKR5E. Can I do so?

  8. Todor Vachev says:

    Nothing about actually inspecting the spark plugs and the different discolorations

  9. Rex Erection says:

    What kind of metal in a spark plug would give the best performance in an engine?

  10. LifeIsGood says:

    What happens if you dont install the plugs tight enough? Will the car not start? Will this damage the engine if the plugs arent screwed all the way in and you try to start the engine?

  11. Great vid

  12. So knowing about cell walls were more important than knowing this in high school?

  13. You didnt inspect the spark plug you just said how to inspect them.

  14. I would think mating surfaces need to be cleaned or wiped before installing anything. Why doesn't anybody clean the top of the cylinder head, where the spark plug mates, before inserting the new spark plug?? I imagine a rag and screw driver could be used, but seeing if you did a good job is difficult. In addition, the rag may push debris on the sides of the well into the cylinder.

  15. hphoto says:

    nice vid. getting the right spark plug tool can be a real pain.

    same subject kinda: how about a video on the effect of a bad coil on a v8: heavy vibration & increased heat through exhaust

  16. Quick question. How can I discover what exactly makes the isolator get cracked? Could there be a relation with the evap system?

  17. decifal says:

    Some wires need a special tool to remove to prevent them from breaking.

  18. Buttplug ( ͡º ͜ʖ ͡º)

  19. Soldier1287 says:

    all 4 plugs each interval?

    I also heard to change plug wire harness?

  20. now if I could only find my owners manual

  21. hostilityy says:

    which spark plug color can indicate burned exhaust valves?

  22. STE FAN says:

    i have an important question:Does changing spark plug have influence on your mpg

  23. Karl Isnani says:

    What if I accidentally drop a spark plug and the tip of the spark plug is bent, I bent it back. Is it possible to use it again? and the electron insulator is not crack or something.

  24. Well, a torquethingemebob isn't cheap.

  25. Dennis Hall says:

    Do I need to rotate my tyres on a 2015 Honda Civic LX

  26. Jesus says:

    Is it really necessary to add that dielectric grease??

  27. thank u

  28. Hi!I have some questions about the ignition system and I'd be very happy if you could answer me please:(1) Can I replace the wires that are coming out of the coils and going into the Spark plugs with other wires with less resistance in order to get bigger spark and gain more power? () Will it not damage the car's computer?(2) What's the difference between a resistor plug an a non resistor plug? () Can you put a non resistor plug on every car?(*) I've seen this video on a non resistor plug and on the description he says that the resistor was started in order to suppress the electrical noise for radios and nowadays it's unnecessary, is it true? Thank you very much!

  29. I've learned so muchThank you

  30. Hi!I really like your videos,And thank for all the detailed  information on everything.Thank you so much.

  31. mackinass916 says:

    does the battery need to be disconnected while changing the spark plugs?

  32. Adam Versace says:

    short but thoroughly concise. i loved the video dude. appreciate you helping save us time watching it ;)

  33. Might I suggest to add a note of caution, regarding the importance of not getting anti seize on the electrodes? A common mistake that can be made carelessly when one dosen't know not to.

  34. Xtasy Musik says:

    very helpful thank you!!

  35. Broj 1 says:

    I always start turning spark plugs slowly counter clockwise first,holding socket extension
    in the middle. Parallel to the opening)
    When the sparks plugs jerks slightly,then start turning clock wise.

  36. ThePariss333 says:

    Any good to Clean them ? Does it worth ? Thank you

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