How To Get Your Car Ready To Rally — AFTER/DRIVE

You’ve decided to make the leap from sliding around fire roads to competing in your first stage rally. What do you need to do to your car to make it stage-ready? Watch and find out.

With Bill Petrow, owner of Broken Motorsports

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28 thoughts on “How To Get Your Car Ready To Rally — AFTER/DRIVE

  1. Jalon says:

    jimmy fallon oozy oz borne and that ompa lompa from charlie and the chocolate factory had a threesome and he was born

  2. Gabe Laws says:

    Great video.

  3. The shop owner seems like a dick.

  4. Deluxe says:

    So does that mean you could use only front mudflap on a FWD??

  5. [JL35] says:

    I want to make my blow off valve sound like these audio glitches

    How do you filter a boosted engine? k&N or what? I wouldn't imagine you could put a normal filter on without ingesting some pebbles or other debris into the engine.

  6. David Knauss says:

    what kind of rally suspension would you upgrade to?

  7. •>•

  8. take your car rip out everything unnecessary, put in roll cage add crazy horsepower and then drive it through some trees and bushes maybe roll it a couple times, bam you got a rally car.

  9. Intelkek says:

    What about suspension. I am looking for suspension kit to lift it enough for rallying so it does not bottom out.

  10. Cool

  11. Do a drift version for all the 17 year olds with their automatic e36's

  12. those welds are fucking gross, it looks like shit MIG welds, not clean TIG welds like a race cage should be. If you're gonna stake your life on something it should be done to a really high standard, I wouldnt put my life on those welds.

  13. Zachary Lew says:

    What Porsche was that in the beginning?

  14. they spraypainted speakers…………

  15. h1an yhb7 says:

    ya know.

  16. Wmdbro says:

    Im not a huge rally fan but what cars these days dominate the rally tracks? Do Subaru's get anywhere these days? sorry for my ignorance.

  17. hey nice video! i have ine question. my father brought a rally car from Europe ( evo 9 ) and we brought it in a container. although we did not know that you need to register the rally car as a legal car and we registered it as a racing car! so ia it any way that we can make the car legal. please a sure answer will really help me thank you!

  18. KNIGHT_RAV3N says:

    do you have to register a rally car?

  19. Hey, I need to know what travel is, can any one tell me?

  20. Miko Tudio says:

    You know…you know… you know…you know…
    Al the time!!

  21. Caleb Rose says:

    "Let go of the wheel and you'll hit something!" Rally in 9 words or less!

  22. I'm more of a Naked Yosemity Sam

  23. When did Jimmy Fallon grow his hair out?

  24. FuzzyTheDuck says:

    Interesting video, but I would have found it more interesting if the guys had a script. Or stopped interrupting each other. Or even finished one thought before starting another.

    I get it. This is all shop-talk and second nature to you, but the video's title is "How To Get Your Car Ready To Rally" not "Project 1207: build another roll cage"

  25. KING AVE 72 says:

    what is a list of good rally cars and events in the Georgia Atlanta area??

  26. Loaded Empty says:

    Circle is actually the weakest shape, triangle is the strongest

  27. Josh Range says:

    how does one actually get into rally racing?

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