How To Make A Garage Creeper (ONLY $30!!)

This DIY mechanics creeper is a super useful project to have around your garage or workshop. Whether you’re modifying or servicing your car, this simple, quick project can be made for around $30 and is easily customisable to best suit your own needs. If you’re using scrap wood you can make it for even less!

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Inspiration for this episode came from watching some really bad videos on how to make garage creepers, and some good ones including one by Bob at I Like to Make Stuff who has loads of great woodworking projects.

Also something to note around Mighty Car Mods: we are normal guys and are not trained mechanics. We like to make interesting car mods and show you how we’ve gone about it, but we can’t promise that anything we show you will work for your particular car, or that you won’t harm yourself, someone else, your car or your warranty doing it. Please be safe, be responsible and unless you know what you’re doing, do not fool around with very serious machinery just because you’ve seen us make it look so easy. Talk to a qualified mechanic if you are in any doubt.


  1. Post By Avacado Papaya

    $5 skateboard on craigslist or equivalent. Done.

  2. Post By Rodney Pike

    Bought mine here in the states at Harbor Freight for only 20 bucks!

  3. Post By Nathan Ingram

    Title of 12:34 or I unsubscribe.

  4. Post By z zzires

    can we use bunnings bolts on this? :P

  5. Post By pxK

    100% those wheels would break the moment i got on that thing…pretty heavy dude here lol

  6. Post By Comment117

    This is awesome!

  7. Post By Lincoln Crofts

    To be honest you’re best off buying one for $60 then spending $1000 on tools and supplies

  8. Post By DJ Rowland

    That's actually awesome! haha

  9. Post By Boba Nofat

    sry- this was disappointing .

  10. Post By dj red hare aus

    Just use cardboard

  11. Post By Michael Gallagher

    Where's your focus RS? Back at the dealership getting a new head gasket?

  12. Post By Gonzalo Saavedra

    You guys are a regular wooden B is for Build from down under

  13. Post By Victor Vega

    These DIY videos are my favorite!

  14. Post By ROVER25X

    Only £18.50 to buy on ebay in the UK.

  15. Post By Kyle Spalding

    Will this fit my Honda?

  16. Post By Justin Vang

    Them batteries coming in clutch

  17. Post By Emo Genocide

    60 meters wide aye?

  18. Post By charles wickam

    This video brought to you by Ryobi

  19. Post By Soviet Labrador

    I don't know why, but some of the songs remindee me of Midnight Club 3 when you're in the garage

  20. Post By Austen Naeve

    Mighty creeper mods

  21. Post By Cliff P

    Trust us Shoog you have enough creapness in you for all of us…

  22. Post By M Clark

    did someone get some new power tools for xmas?

  23. Post By Garth S

    That turned out great. Shouldn't have expected anything different. :P

  24. Post By ROGER McCAIG

    Moog knows how to live life

  25. Post By DayRider76

    That needs a jack in the crotch area? To save the knees and nuggets from lifting parts!

  26. Post By Nick P

    that creeper is gonna weigh 2 tons when its done..

  27. Post By locsipocsi1

    i like Moogs creeper better then the store bought one

  28. Post By James

    When you asked for batteries and Ryobi sent you the factory.

  29. Post By Pierre Bugeja

    Ryobi Commercial ?

  30. Post By Carl Belcher

    Love the DIY project videos!

  31. Post By Daniel St.Pierre

    Wow! Only $30 and God knows how long you took to build this uncomfortable piece of trash!!! I got a used one from a flea market for $5 and spent the rest of my money on a steak dinner & beer! #DIYGoneMad

  32. Post By Drift Channel

    What a groovy idea!

  33. Post By _mfsky

    for cheap

  34. Post By livin lite

    I should have thought of that. since I don't have a creeper now I can start saving scraps & make that for less that 20$. thanx mcm.

  35. Post By brcreal

    Mcm. Mighty Creeper Mods. At least they wont have to make new T-shirts

  36. Post By Pubes

    What about the padded headrest and leather? didn't think of that didja?

  37. Post By Shad_0w

    Hmmm…so you went through the effort of rounding over the frame rails, but then installed the little light and tool grooves and didn't round those over?

  38. Post By Romero#23

    I actually returned home earlier from having dinner with a girl just to see this.

  39. Post By Patri Cossens

    Should put a pillow on it nice comfy pillow saving your head rest on my hard piece of wood

  40. Post By brandon loukota

    Yaris build soon?

  41. Post By RLAgito

    but the plastic blue one is lower profile because it has a body contour and its not wood so it wont be soaked in oil and will be easy to clean. but if you got money for wood working wireless tools, you got money to buy a creeper lol and make one over $30

  42. Post By Earnest Bunbury

    Creep makin' a creeper… noice

  43. Post By Ryan Rohauer

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