Ice Bowl! – EVO Vs STI Snow Challenge

We put two hot rally rockets on ice to find out which one excels in extreme snow conditions. Read the story here:

43 thoughts on “Ice Bowl! – EVO Vs STI Snow Challenge

  1. Lin Xu says:

    I wish they bring back evo 8 and 9. I don't like evo x.

  2. Beat Root says:

    I prefer it tight… not loose.

  3. Jamal Mirza says:

    you can drive evo more aggressively than sti the (sti) is a wuss

  4. D10N _ says:


  5. ubernoob103 says:

    Motor trend has come so far…. my god this is bad.

  6. John Smith says:

    Damn I hate that little wing on that evo. Take it off or make it bigger

  7. Daniel C says:

    Which evo was it? 300? 360? 400?

  8. Imagine great things is Subaru and mitsubishi formed one company

  9. itsallpine says:

    You locked the center diff in the wrx and you were surprised that it was no longer rear wheel biased….

  10. looks so fun.

  11. dude's in this video did not know how to use Subaru's center differential lock and balance the traction on rear wheels…

  12. tavi921 says:

    What's -4 F in non retard units?

  13. STI sedan owner here. I think there both awesome but that Evo looks so nice in that colour.

  14. Awesome closing shot at the end.

  15. Xeno says:

    1:32 "With these tires you don't have any grip for accelerating" traction control off, drops clutch and keeps wheels spinning

    lol… as if you can't do the same thing with winters. Winters are important but that's a terrible visual example.

  16. Always had a soft spot for wrx sti

  17. Anyone know the music that starts at 2:44? Thanks

  18. Honestly give me both of them this Evo or STI bullshit is annoying.

  19. Terrible video..

  20. Neither! Evo VI or '02/03 BugEye with STI mods. New "rally" cars have way too much tech and they are really just a pain in the ass. If i want traction control, i'll just drive my Tundra. Besides, it handles snow/ice WAY BETTER than any "rally car" on the market.

  21. OK as an STi owner and a huge evo fan I must say this is bias against the subby…. I live in northern Ohio my car stays on all season tires that suck on dry and on snow and ice lmfao but leaving the STi in Intelligent mode is cutting the throttle, boost, steering, and breaking it was just to limited to perform… the evo set on gravel was a good choice tho, and I must say good choice of winter rubber!!! Next time you guys do a review in my neck of the woods give me a hollar and give this country boy a chance to show you how to throw down like a true boot legging veteran!!!

  22. The I mode on the Subaru restricts the turbo to around 5psi and gives the car a very passive torque curve. How is that even a fair comparison?

  23. Wouldn't the handling obviously be different if you're comparing a hatchback to sedan

  24. :o says:

    How about the new WRX STi?

  25. Screw Evo vs Sti, check out this old cringe worthy MT video!

  26. I am very disappointed in MOTOR TREND right now. They just documented and made a video and said that the evo is easier to drift and more nimble. The problem…. Like complete dummies they had it in "one down from full lock" on the manual dif setting……….??? which is the most aggressive non sliding or drifting setting possible besides full lock.  If they simply had it in auto like most retards should have it in or even Auto minus the car would of reacted completely different..Retards…   :/

  27. grgmys says:

    The summer tire comparison was stupid and pointless if they're not 1:1.

    For people wondering about the stats and info every test was extremely close, but here's the breakdown:

    -on Ice in winter tires the Sti is quicker to 40 and 60, but slower to 80 than the Evo
    -the Sti stopped shorter from 60-0 and 40-0
    -Evo was quicker on the figure 8
    -Evo had better lateral acceleration
    -Sti was quicker around the handling course

    So these test results would indicate that the Sti barely edges out the Evo. The problem with all of these tests is that their validity is predicated on the settings being optimal. If only one car was set up right for the tests, or neither were then it invalidates the results. Probably the most important takeaway here is that the two of these cars are so close performance wise that you can't really go wrong with either one.

  28. sleepp says:

    Subaru sucks like come on guys Evo ftw

  29. When explainig which one was better all he did is repeat the exact same thing, he did not say anything with actual informative value

  30. ruben franko says:

    Both car,s are nice, but i prefer the evo x.

  31. jason fink says:


  32. norway85s says:

    I have this 08 STI my self. Live in Norway, and do alot of trackdriving on ice lakes. As far as i can see, the evo is a great car. More track-orientated.On snow track, i dont thing they feel much different because of less traction.Its more about the tyres (grip and friction) The 08 STi is more comfy and soft, also compared to the my prevous Hawkeye. Yet its still very fast. If you like like agresive Track-driving, buy evo or later STi`es, Like more soft and comfy, buy 08-14 Sti.  Both cars are great. Dont hate the other brand, get to know and understand it… And DO NOT EVER drive summer-tires on snow. EVER! Just a tip from a snowmonkey!

  33. nice.

  34. Wesley Groth says:

    so i guess the Subaru is better for getting away from fun robbing cops on twisty roads..

  35. Logan Mathew says:


  36. pvtverdejo says:


  37. fuck you bich

  38. Ryan says:

    Wait did they…sorry just correct me if im wrong did they just say at the end the evo is better because it has less traction in the corners than the subaru?… Because thats what it sounded like.

  39. Trainboy1EJR says:

    why would they have the Evo in Gravel mode and the Sti in intelegent? it was all wrong! and "we did all these tests" and then not having a chart to compare, what the crap. absolutely useless video! "both cars performed better with snow tires" well, duh!

  40. In fact I did but was a wast of my time

  41. of course the sti wont get too tail happy when you've got the center diff up that high lol

  42. arrGjjj says:

    evo always win

  43. Eric Campos says:

    This video is God awful

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