IMSA WeatherTech Midseason Update – Motor Trend Presents

The IMSA WeatherTech series has reached its mid-way point and we bring you the exciting highlights and standings of the leading cars in the Prototype and GT Le Mans classes.


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  4. Post By Nai penn

    Racing rivals r2 class

  5. Post By Fr. Duffy Fighting 69th

    Justin is a dipsomaniac.

  6. Post By MP87

    Go Corvette Racing!!

  7. Post By juano isquia

    I demand a dodge challenger in this racing league and others

  8. Post By David Mayer

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  9. Post By Da,Taper

    Meanwhile Porsche is killing it in GTE pro and LMP1 class

  10. Post By Noe Renault

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  11. Post By Purple Jello

    My all time fravorite car is a corvette

  12. Post By jordan K

    Justin Bell reminds me of an older version of MrJWW lol

  13. Post By Dini SCH.OUTEN

    Nieuw van Motor Trend Channel; IMSA, Weather Tech Midseason Update — Motor?? Categorie Mensen én Blogs! Licentie Standaard!YouTube—Licentie!

  14. Post By Vehicle quest

    Hmm i don't know why I think this is better then formula 1


    @4:17 Thank me later.

  16. Post By Zach

    Good stuff!

  17. Post By The RealRacer_13

    This is gonna Be a Long race!

  18. Post By J. Martinni

    Why leave out the other classes?

  19. Post By aranaedgardo

    The X-ray machine I use is Konica Minolta!

  20. Post By Daniel Alvarez

    All I focused on was the Corvette like omg look at that thing I want one so bad

  21. Post By Jesse Hernandez

    Bowtie till I die! Glad to see GM at the top of their game

  22. Post By Marc E

    Did BMW clone Steve Dallas?

  23. Post By DutchedUp

    Why are the headlights yellow?

  24. Post By Ethan Lee

    Corvette Racing is killing it!

  25. Post By Juanton Bon Bon

    GM Killing it boiiiii

  26. Post By sledhead722

    Been a great first half of the season. Really loving the BoP in the GTLM and GTD classes this year.

  27. Post By geekphreak

    Motor trend better post the full race

  28. Post By Larque Fausse

    Prototype has been such a wash. I can see now why they ACO chose not to allow the DPi cars to compete at LM24.

  29. Post By MOE


  30. Post By ZRFTECH

    They killed it at Watkins Glen

  31. Post By Tom Ottaway

    4:18 you're welcome.

  32. Post By E_N_Z_O _______

    This was a great race loved being there

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