IMSA WeatherTech Midseason Update – Motor Trend Presents

The IMSA WeatherTech series has reached its mid-way point and we bring you the exciting highlights and standings of the leading cars in the Prototype and GT Le Mans classes.

32 thoughts on “IMSA WeatherTech Midseason Update – Motor Trend Presents

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  2. Jamie Taylor says:

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  4. Nai penn says:

    Racing rivals r2 class

  5. Justin is a dipsomaniac.

  6. MP87 says:

    Go Corvette Racing!!

  7. juano isquia says:

    I demand a dodge challenger in this racing league and others

  8. David Mayer says:

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  9. Da,Taper says:

    Meanwhile Porsche is killing it in GTE pro and LMP1 class

  10. Noe Renault says:

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  11. Purple Jello says:

    My all time fravorite car is a corvette

  12. jordan K says:

    Justin Bell reminds me of an older version of MrJWW lol

  13. Nieuw van Motor Trend Channel; IMSA, Weather Tech Midseason Update — Motor?? Categorie Mensen én Blogs! Licentie Standaard!YouTube—Licentie!

  14. Hmm i don't know why I think this is better then formula 1

  15. STRGHTSXBNZ says:

    @4:17 Thank me later.

  16. Zach says:

    Good stuff!

  17. This is gonna Be a Long race!

  18. J. Martinni says:

    Why leave out the other classes?

  19. aranaedgardo says:

    The X-ray machine I use is Konica Minolta!

  20. All I focused on was the Corvette like omg look at that thing I want one so bad

  21. Bowtie till I die! Glad to see GM at the top of their game

  22. Marc E says:

    Did BMW clone Steve Dallas?

  23. DutchedUp says:

    Why are the headlights yellow?

  24. Ethan Lee says:

    Corvette Racing is killing it!

  25. GM Killing it boiiiii

  26. sledhead722 says:

    Been a great first half of the season. Really loving the BoP in the GTLM and GTD classes this year.

  27. geekphreak says:

    Motor trend better post the full race

  28. Prototype has been such a wash. I can see now why they ACO chose not to allow the DPi cars to compete at LM24.

  29. MOE says:


  30. ZRFTECH says:

    They killed it at Watkins Glen

  31. Tom Ottaway says:

    4:18 you're welcome.

  32. This was a great race loved being there

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