Inside Ferrari’s F1 Trackside Fuel and Oil Lab – Shell

A look inside Ferrari’s trackside lab, where fuels and oils are analyzed before, during, and after each race for various reasons. Analysts will look to ensure the fuels and oils meet technical regulations, and also look for insight on the health of the engine based on the different metal molecules within the engine oil.

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24 thoughts on “Inside Ferrari’s F1 Trackside Fuel and Oil Lab – Shell

  1. RangerOne says:

    the guy in the red shirt stop moving your arms

  2. That guy in the back looks so nervous.

  3. Joe Hummel says:

    I wonder if oil analysis with a  gas spectrometer has a place for the every day commuter car .Would a test be cost effective for some insight on what's wearing down on your engine? or are dealers already performing these tests ?? that was cool knowledge thanks

  4. OK, the 458 and the F12 are excused :D

  5. Ko-wing wong says:

    he looks like a serial killer

  6. evolynn says:

    You should do a video explaining crankwalk! Awesome videos keep it up man !

  7. 500 sensors on an F1 engine?!?

  8. description: analysis, because reasons

  9. 6ar5ar says:

    Please distance yourself from shell, and start showing us more about electric cars! 

  10. Simon Adams says:

    Seems you were at the Belgium GP the same time that I was!

  11. MrYoumitube says:

    I love F1, this is like motor racing engineers porn.

  12. TeriyakiRan says:

    The guy in the back was the star of this video hahaha

  13. MrSlowestD16 says:

    Damn, 4000km…eh….

  14. I always loved that F1 hasn't restricted the series to one particular aspect, tires excepted. Fuel is one aspect of the series that isn't mentioned enough and has developed into something fascinating to me. It seems teams have developed partnerships with their fuel providers not only in maximizing performance, but also in hedging against penalties because of below par business practices.  From what I know about fuel refining and distribution, it is probably the one aspect of the petroleum business with the lowest profit margins- yes, poor performance before the race can telegraph.

    But it seems like science fiction to me that teams can pin down the depreciation of an engine in real time, which gives a whole new meaning to 'mapping,' yes?  Chemistry rocks.

  15. Sven Ruugla says:

    Thanks for the video, I love all that tech and engineering behind racing teams and cars!

  16. What's you're take in why some of constructors are having better luck than offers with the 2014 engines ?

  17. The Shell guy was like: God damn it I never thought Ferrari engine sound will annoy me because these guys can't hear me talking… btw this video is so enlightening, it's cool to see the background of all that.

  18. lexusfan100 says:

     i like these kinds of behind the scenes videos..nice

  19. The guy in the back looks like he's pretty high

  20. As he said that they mix two types of fuels to race…
    can we do the same on road cars to make them more mileage effective of to run faster????????????

  21. kevrs2 says:

    BTW the guy in the white coat looks bewildered by it all hahaha !

  22. Axelm15 says:

    how did you get access to this lab? 

  23. When will the next Integra video come up? I can't wait!

  24. Truly says:

    When are you doing an update for the integra.

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