Inside The Secret Garage Of A Brooklyn Car Collector

Lenny Shiller owns nearly 70 old cars, all of them original and low-mileage, and all of them hidden away somewhere in Brooklyn.

Video shot by Andrew Siceloff, edited by Mike Goodenow, and produced by Cait Knoll.


  1. Post By Pete.M.

    Better to keep those death traps hidden away and off the roads. Collect away!


    the last of the old american lover of classic cars who actually lived when they were "new"

  3. Post By Mustard Z20

    wow so many haters!Great collection mate, keep up the good work

  4. Post By UrbanDubsmith

    What they showed of his collection is like someone collecting modern Malibu's and Taurus's. I'm sure he has more interesting cars but for the most part it's pretty vanilla.

  5. Post By milosilic23

    I dont get collectors who just keep the cars in the garage. Use it, drive it, fix it, go again. Ok, sure, maybe if its worth 20mil, but other than that, just go on

  6. Post By Kim Evlyn

    If has this kind of money he could least buy those climate control bubble capsule for all them.

  7. Post By Jeff Harper

    YouTube needs more videos from Lenny and guys and gals just like him. Great video Lenny.

  8. Post By Josh Dollins

    packards! been a fan of packard ever since i learned about the brand as a kid working on our mower which was a brand owned by packard with my dad

  9. Post By sxyangeleyez

    right on brother   your collection is wonderful

  10. Post By Ozzstar

    Some people collect cars just to look at them, not drive. It's his money, his time, his cars….he can do whatever he pleases with them.

  11. Post By McSamski

    What is the music used on this video?

  12. Post By Travis Meering

    He shoulda bought a wash mitt and a bucket

  13. Post By Joshua Chandra

    dam and I'm struggling for parking

  14. Post By falchulk

    OK, he does not collect for the joy of driving. He does not keep them polished an beautiful…wtf does he want old dusty metal for? This was a waste of my time to watch.

  15. Post By M. MGNMARK

    Goes to show you, one can never tell what's in those old buildings off the bqe.

  16. Post By Jacob S.

    you are not collector! what a waste!!

  17. Post By member berries

    that woody is gonna be rotten man…dust messes shit up bad just dust but let alone the mice and weather changes

  18. Post By camshend

    Great shot at the end

  19. Post By Jesus MZ

    Not really into the older cars, but the vibes I'm getting from this is pretty cool.

  20. Post By keesie75

    Nice Subaru

  21. Post By w201 Longway

    this is gold

  22. Post By Nirvalica

    I'd love to see his tool collection

  23. Post By MitchF150

    I would love to have 12,000 sf of shop! Great collection to fill that space too! Love it. Drive them or not… It's your choice if you have them.. Personally, I'd try to drive them.. But, that's just me and I don't have them so we will never know…

  24. Post By Pedro Torres

    So many cars and he doesn't drive them??? That is just stupid.

  25. Post By Prodriver33


  26. Post By Hugh-John Fleming

    The anti-Leno.

  27. Post By ot0m0t0

    That Taxi is awesome. I want one.

  28. Post By John McDonald

    There may be something deeper here than car collecting. He seemed to connect his collection with his grandmother and something that happened in 1968, as if it was a kind of therapy. Take it easy on him he's just doing his thing, you do yours.

  29. Post By Blue Euphoria

    I understand he collects them, but cars are suppose to be driven. If they aren't driven then their purpose is lost.

  30. Post By Llewelyn Moss

    I'm the same way. You don't have to drive a car, to understand it's importance or it's value. My dad collects in the same way, but on a smaller scale. If a car is original, it's almost like it stops time. It is a childhood, not something that brings you back to what you think it was.

  31. Post By Matt Livingston

    I would love to see this kind of subject as a series.

  32. Post By Stephen Schafer

    At least dust them off and put the tops up. I think he just likes looking at them and not so much tinkering with them as in restoring them because theyre all original and low miles

  33. Post By LexLuger

    I work in Gowanus/Park Slope at an Auto Shop. Where exactly is Lenny located?

  34. Post By Richard Swagger

    What's going on with those bikes at :32? I'm interested in those also.

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