Is Roush’s Stage 3 The Best Mustang You Can Buy? — /TUNED

Roush’s Stage 3 Mustang combines some of the best bits of the Boss 302 and the Shelby GT 500, in a unique package that’s tuned to the max right off the showroom floor. But is it the best Mustang you can buy new? Let’s find out.

38 thoughts on “Is Roush’s Stage 3 The Best Mustang You Can Buy? — /TUNED

  1. Tony V says:

    what up man you scared of your mustacheee :P you can doo ittttttt


  3. Boss 302 is wayyy better. The roush mustang is based on the regular 5.0 coyote engine. With some mods and a supercharger. But the boss 302 has the 5.0 roadrunner engine it can handle uptoo 900 hp without breaking any rod or piston. Boss 302 is the real dea

  4. Robert T says:

    I'm happy with my soon to be nonstock 2012 GT. Best car I've ever owned for little over 1/3 the price. Granted I could dump 12 grand in it to catch up but I plan to open a shop in a few years so the joy of researching goes a long way with me.

  5. hosam elsaqa says:

    i'd know music name in beginning of video please

  6. The Borla Atak is alot louder, and I mean ALOT louder…but I have no cats. Anything over 3K RPM is well over 110dB!

  7. joshua hand says:

    I like loud af, and loud too.

  8. Great videos

  9. $68k? No thanks.

  10. How about GT500 Super Snake ?

  11. Daniel Diaz says:

    68 grand? youre shitting me right?
    buy a '13 mustang gt for 20 grand (least thats what they cost here) even if you spend 20-25 grand slapping a big ass blower on there, brake kit, and full suspension youll stil end up with a faster car for way less than this thing.

  12. David Crowe says:

    2013 through 2014 roush stage 3 come with alluminator motor. The boss does not . The alluminator motor is better than the boss motor . The alluminator can hold more boost . The motor has better rods . The boss motor has good rods . You can take alluminator put E85 system on it . Then do stage 3 comp cams and pulley down . Then do kooks long tube headers make 800 hp easy . Even do the twin setup on it make over 1000hp it will hold all lot better than boss . Both are out standing cars . Plus you can buy stage 3 roush right now for low 30s or low 40s depends on the miles .

  13. Mark le says:

    Gt500 any given day!! GT 500 for the win!

  14. s k says:

    would weight reduction on this car off set the power to weight ratio and completely ruin the handling, know what I'm saying?

  15. _ Omar says:

    How much does the 2016 Ford Mustang RS3 cost? Average wise

  16. "sounds like Motorweek" hahahaha yeah that was a John Davis line

  17. need it

  18. Alpatriod says:

    how to kill a vtech =

  19. yeah 68k? not worth it.

  20. I love a good pony car but there's a limit to what you can do with Rwd. AWD is the future for all cars as they seem to get more powerful every year.

  21. Turbo TA says:

    14 psi and it only makes 500? hmmm

  22. Jack Fitori says:

    How can you need less horsepower?

  23. Alex Coria says:

    At first i heard ''big ass buttty''

  24. tazaxx21 says:

    Why seeing through the quarter window louvers is bad, I don't get… that's why they're "louvers" and not "block-offs", and they provide some meager amount of visibility to the rear quarter. My fix is below for the boost gauge brightness at night- yep it's sad that a $68K Roush doesn't use the GT500 cluster software that has the boost gauge built in. The vent pod thing is hard to read anyway when you are driving…. I find the seats are fine for me, but I'm not a 250 lb. Shreck- …. Whoever designed the fake hoodscoop, along with whoever decided it was a good idea to put the piece of crap on my $68K Roush Stage 3, (that won't sit properly on the hood and is held in place with screw in studs AND 2 sided tape) needs to be kicked in the knees…

  25. tazaxx21 says:

    I've solved the problem of the vent-pod boost gauge being so bright at night. I got some 80% cling-on window tint from Advance auto, and cut out a 2" circle. It fits the gauge perfectly.

  26. Werner Nef says:


  27. what's 0-60???

  28. gbmwaz says:

    fix the voice level

  29. Good honest vid

  30. Alan Davies says:

    1:30 sounds like motor week awesome

  31. love to see idiots like this clown doing burn outs with the brake lights on.

  32. dsavish says:

    anyone who thinks a roush is the best mustang and or better than a gt500 is braindead.

    even a boss will hold it's value more, an i won't even mention the superiority of the gt500…or even the gt350.

    i'd even take a terminator with a whipple/kb ect over a fucking roush.

  33. if Roush racing said it plate it in gold frame it . and stand on it

  34. what a beautiful car an I'm totally in love with my 2012 Mustang. someday I hope to find something like a 1970 version

  35. mchristr says:

    Marin County, California. Driver's paradise.

  36. Not 3 blocks away from my house, there's a triple-black version of this exact car that's been sitting in the dealership lot for almost 2 years now and selling for a little more than $30k. I honestly don't know why no one has bought it yet.

  37. mojo jojo says:

    Nice….but Id rather have the cobra!

  38. Kolour Blind says:

    Is the roush block the same as a standard gt or like the boss with forged internals?

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