Jaguar F-Type 400 Sport: Take A Day Just For You – Carfection

If you had an F-Type for the day, what would you do with it?

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45 thoughts on “Jaguar F-Type 400 Sport: Take A Day Just For You – Carfection

  1. Beautiful car ….. However, too narrow, tires not wide enough, too much body roll, too many marbles sound coming from the muffler, no relevant gauges on center console which will keep you ignorant of how all the mechanics are operating.

  2. sufyan ahmed says:


  3. Usman Afsar says:

    Best host on youtube!

  4. DubaTV says:

    You shouldn't compare it with a Porsche!! A Jag it's a Jag!!!

  5. Absolutely great review!

  6. Does anyone notice the bullet marks on 1:49?

  7. Chris R says:

    No 6-cyl engines that feel fast? Ever heard of a little known car called the GTR?

  8. I like this car, if you drive it no one will think you're some rich wanker with too much money. You're just a guy with a Jaguar.

  9. Rick Pamaran says:

    Can someone tell me how the reliability of Jag's and Range Rovers are now? I've had both, and very pretty cars, but both SUCK on reliability. So I've been buying Porsches, which I can finally say, " it works", but looking for something different now.

  10. saglike93 says:

    Where were those roads, they look gorgeous

  11. Mark Maharaj says:

    He quoted The Doctor , from Doctor Who

  12. Private Ryan says:

    Alex is back and so are his beautiful watches!

  13. Juan Berjón says:

    Of all the versions in the F-Type range, I find this 400S particularly beautiful. I would go for this one over the V8 versions anytime. It's amazing how such a subtle facelift can make such a big difference.

    Also, am I the only one who thinks the V6 howl sounds much better than the slightly farty V8 sound?

  14. I feel the old xkr is still better looking. I just don't like the way it looks. The design is too feminine

  15. Evan Gantley says:

    The new type r has similar performance specs, id want more for the money, beautiful looking car nonetheless

  16. Jamie Waring says:

    Is this one of Alex's last videos before he flew off on his break in Australia?

  17. Mike Vincent says:

    I'm having a hard time choosing between the F-type and the Evora 400. :^(

  18. Yabby Gideon says:

    I take the SVR over this quiet shit.

  19. silkhead44 says:

    i have that same watch

  20. John Wick says:

    Incredible camera work.

  21. Kevin Lew says:

    I don't really care for the big vents to either side of the grille.

  22. Steve Hodges says:

    1:49 is it me or are those bullet/pellet holes in the sign….. Farmer chasing the F type off his field maybe :)
    Great videos really look forward to each one. Many thanks

  23. This car was born to have a V8 no replacement for displacement .. would take the sound of that V8 any day over this ..

  24. "somewhere more track-like" are you kidding me? definitely not creative enough!

  25. Alex Goy has left the Carfections team, man watching carfection will not be the same.

  26. Ruiyang Xiao says:

    Man, 20 more hp but same 0-100 time comparing to the old V6 model? 4WD instead of RWD? What's going on?

  27. This is the best looking F-Type, but I'd have mine in brg and with rwd. It's a shame that you can't get a manual with this version though…

  28. SPQR101010 says:

    indian car.

  29. Aditya Gupta says:

    Is this is Eboladrome?

  30. I think you have become one of the best presenters in the world. Really really enjoy it!

  31. mole51 says:

    How does an AWD 400bhp sports car take 4.8 secs to get to 60?! Sorry but that's pretty damn slow by today's standards. Most hot hatches will ruin this on a drag.

  32. mole51 says:

    How does an AWD 400bhp sports car take 4.8 secs to get to 60?! Sorry but that's pretty damn slow by today's standards. Most hot hatches will ruin this on a drag.

  33. this is supercharged right?

  34. Sylon HD says:

    I love the F-Type, but the only negative I have with it is that I don't fit in one :(

  35. I keep trying to convince myself that the F-Type is beautiful, and it always feels like I'm trying. Then I'll see one on the road and think "OMG, that thing really is beautiful." But then I realize "Oh wait, that's an XK." I look at the XK and can't stop looking at it. The XK is gorgeous, to me. The F-Type is missing something of its beauty. I think it's the rear end. It looks incomplete. I think I want it to be more elongated like the XK.

  36. Dalton v says:

    this car is slower than all it's competition. where it wins is drama, looks and sounds. needs to be rwd with a manual.

  37. that godly voice of alex :D good to have you back :)

  38. Ive got f type v6s and it's absolutely brilliant. It looks much better than that. 400 "facelift" makes it uglier. Sorry but mine looks like Cameron Diaz and that looks like someone pretending to be Cameron Diaz. Besides it must be white or red. This is the worst colour

  39. Albert Wang says:

    my god this jag is stunning

  40. rémy rtnt says:

    Alex is here. #thumbup

  41. Wil Thieme says:

    What watch is that, Alex?

  42. lordsith8319 says:

    If you close your eyes its sounds like richard hammands brother

  43. The shot following the car through the chicane was fantastic!

  44. Chieng says:

    is it just me who thinks it sounds like a GTR

  45. Dmitry L says:

    Thank god it's Alex! Amazing review

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