Jaguar F type R AWD vs Porsche 911 Turbo S – which is fastest? | evo DRAG BATTLE

British brawn against German efficiency, but which is quicker against the clock?

This latest Drag Battle pits Jaguar’s 542bhp supercharged V8 against Porsche’s 572bhp twin-turbo flat-six. Both are four-wheel drive, the F type has a conventional 8-speed auto gearbox, the 911 a 7-speed PDK and the Turbo S has a 200kg weight advantage.

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41 thoughts on “Jaguar F type R AWD vs Porsche 911 Turbo S – which is fastest? | evo DRAG BATTLE

  1. but those 2 cars have a huuuge price gap..the 911 turbo s is almost 2 times the price…with that extra money you can have a 900hp f type r

  2. jay Seifert says:

    Why are you comparing a non-turbo to a turbo when the price points aren't even similar? Wouldn't it have been more logical to have evaluated a F-Type R vs. the non-turbo 911 as they are closer to the same price points?

  3. Frdven says:


  4. Bradd Young says:

    it seems the jag was sand bagging on purpose and also thats not the top jag, it should have been the svr. I still think the 911 turbo is faster bc it produces more power , its lighter and the launch is better. Still the Jag looks better and is more fun to drive so you get more bang for your buck.

  5. What was the point? Who even thought this would be close?

  6. Seriously? 500lbs lighter and a few more ponies….why would you bother? It's simple physics.

  7. One of the most silly drag race I have ever watched… The jag is a baby compared to the turbo s and its no were near close to beating the 911… Not in a million years

  8. for daily driving who cares? jag f type looks and sounds better

  9. S Kadmiri says:

    I prefer the Jaguar F type R

  10. KingKrusty says:

    So 30 more bhp, 50 more Ib-ft of torque, more than a 100 kilos less, turbo charged, a porsche 4WD system that has been around for years and 55000 more in cost.
    Is anyone REALLY surprised with the result?

  11. DieSeL PoWeR says:

    thats why Porsche cost more

  12. 2.6 segundos , nossa !!!!!!!
    muito rápido no 0-100 km/h .
    apaixonado por esse Porsche.

  13. still, wouldn't swap my Jaguar for a Porsche. I don't care if a man on a bicycle beats me, I love the sound, and it's a beautiful car. #Jaguar4Life

  14. DrewsTurbo says:

    There is simply no greater do-it-all car on the planet than a 911 Turbo.

    Faster than just about anything? Check.

    Can be driven easily by anyone? Check.

    Incredible reliability? Check.

    Usable everyday and in all weather? Check.

    Space for the kids? Check.

    On and on it goes.

  15. B Ko says:

    I would go with the porsche any day. Better quality, longer lasting

  16. nobody can beat porche but i like the f type and it sounds better

  17. Sem chance .

  18. 911 turbo better than jaguar f

  19. 911 is a V12 eater

  20. Ahmed ZH says:

    That's not fare ,, the fare is to compare the 911 turbo with the SVR jag

  21. Porsche best Sports Car and Grand Turismo ,hands down,also best car at the same time for the Money compared to the Italian Sports Car and the rest of them!

  22. notice how they switch the angle at the same time of saying GO why not just leave it so we can see who jumped the start.. that second was the second difference..

  23. tune on that jag and dont let the porsche jump the start of the race and jag wins every time.. porsche jumped. for 60k i dont think so.. garbage.

  24. RBS says:

    Poor jaaag

  25. Jj O says:

    £60,000 more for the Porche! !!

  26. renjixsan says:

    But the jag is more comfortable and it isnt a hassle to drive when on city streets like a lot of cars are.

  27. The Soap says:

    I lol'ed when I read the title.

  28. Stig qwe says:

    £55000+ more for the Porsche, plus over 50 years of development. Yeh I would expect it to be better.

  29. adaged306 says:

    Its Peter Kay gearbox? (2:17)

  30. i never bought my Jaguar for reasons as such. It's beautiful, and the sound is remarkable.

  31. Smooth Herb says:

    Now this is not really a contest is it?

  32. John Read says:

    Funny how Porsche always wins in the evo vids ?? take my advice don't always believe what you see.

  33. Vartazian360 says:

    Missing one thing. the price difderence in these two cars. lol. a measley $85,000 more for the porsche lol.

  34. 0-60 in 2.6 s for a 6 cylinder is geniusly insane!

  35. Adam Ambraz says:

    Dodge Demon, under 10 second quarter mile

  36. Threatens to reverse the rotation of the earth??? C'mon!!!!

  37. 장쓰 says:

    jaguar f type never wins porsche

  38. Raw7Af says:

    like watching turbos teasing other cars

  39. Bye bye

  40. You have faced the highest-end porsche car with a normal jaguar, the highest range jaguar is Jaguar F- type ''svr''

  41. KatiushaVN4 says:

    The Porsche dude cheats.

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