Jaguar V12 XJ-C Coupe sleeper review and update (part2)

Now back from XJ Restorations after having their full suspension upgrade, lowered gearing and engine fettle. This 150mph, 335bhp V12 Jaguar Classic is now a fantastic drive, as you’re about to find out..
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38 thoughts on “Jaguar V12 XJ-C Coupe sleeper review and update (part2)

  1. MrTruth111 says:

    'These damn farmers putting mud on the road'' :)

  2. intergalactic diff reduced down?

  3. BileMonkey says:

    When I first saw this car on your channel I was envious of the incredible looks and that motor. Now I'm just envious! Bloody marvellous thing! :D

  4. I had a series 3 Sovereign and i had rolls royce foam put it the seats. What a difference it made. You sat on the seat like a classic Range Rover. And way more comfortable. Maybe try that? Cheers Ben.

  5. FMD Harry, that's a proper sound.

  6. LaRusso says:

    I wish Harry's Garage did daily uploads.

  7. carbonarc23 says:

    My father has had a few Jags. Beautiful cars but the average Jag owner usually buys automatic, I have never understood that. Just look at that diff with the inboard brake discs, these weren't so far from the race pedigree that made Jaguar famous. I believe the only way to really appreciate an engine is through a manual gearbox. This is a dream car for me V12 manual coupe Jag. Outstanding!

  8. Nice Jag…………..and that road in the opening segment ………….that's the B4437 -great little road that runs down to Charlbury – I use it every day on my commute as I live close by.

  9. Alan Eckert says:

    Harry and his hooligan Jaguar, love it! Even the llamas noticed the difference.

  10. Jolly good ending, that roar!!

  11. Fascinating!
    Great vid!
    Keep up the good work.
    Press on, good show.

  12. Brilliant content, as always.

  13. Very nice car you just turned nicer.
    Big smille up my face all the way through the video. Keep up!

  14. The Sweeney meets Harold Metcalfe? 5000 GB pounds later and it's a real rozzer beater.

  15. Z Mun says:

    Sounds so sweet pulling away. Purrrrrrrrrr

  16. Brian Newby says:

    Great car Harry! Are those your alpacas?

  17. Adrian Bryan says:

    That Jag looks and sound so sweet. Bad aass!!!

  18. Reckon you prob have more fun in that old 70's jag than most of the other pricier cars you have…character in a car goes a long, long way

  19. darnoldie says:

    Just keep that lovely V12 turned up loud and you'll forget about the bean can sound. Great video Harry.

  20. My favourite car in Harry's Garage.
    Love the noise the V12 is now making – reminds of a Series II Daimler Double Six i had , we fitted TVR race car induction and TVR Griffith exhaust pipes at the rear. Kick Down on the motorway was epic , sounded like a Spitfire's V12 Merlin : D … Great car's these 5.3 XJ's.

  21. Dave Here says:

    11:34 Pure exhaust noises! I LOVE IT!!

  22. Dave Here says:

    That is a gorgeous car, before and after. Love the noise as well

  23. Looooooooved it!

  24. This car is now ready for a proper bank robbery and getaway

  25. 1SaG says:

    Not at all surprising that the car/video was so popular. That old XJ is just such a gorgeous car. And as a coupe and with a manual transmission … it's even better.
    When I was a kid, there was an older gentleman at the riding club where my family's horse lived. And my mom had to drag me away from his XJ time and time again when it was sitting in the parking-lot. I still adore the looks of this Jag – to my eye, it's one of the prettiest cars Jaguar ever made.

  26. That is one nice car

  27. simonredk says:

    Rebuilding a Daimler Sovreign 4.2. Maybe I should swap in a V12! Glorious Sound! Great video!

  28. Harry, is that Panerai Luminor on your wrist? Nice car, btw!

  29. jubair ahmed says:

    do you sell cars? have you got a garage that you sell cars in?

  30. jonfklein says:

    Sounds awesome!
    A V12 with a manual gearbox. You don't see that every day!

  31. Fantastic Harry! The engine note is incredible! You've inspired me to do something now!

  32. Again fantastic and thanks

  33. GixxerWayne says:

    Fantastic content on this channel, absolutely love this motor , keep up the good work sir .

  34. Hope to get and do something my self like have Harry. Love it.

  35. fred bloggs says:

    What was the horrible screaming sound at the beginning on the down change

  36. Lance Hatch says:

    It's great when a 10,000 pound car brings more smiles than a lambo. Wish we could get the coupe in the states.

  37. So many of these got butchered in the 80s and 90s that I fear very few originals still exist in reasonably good shape, especially the V12 versions. I have never seen a manual V12 here in the US but it would be a wonderful weekend car. Thanks for saving this one Harry. Cheers.

  38. Well done amazing!

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