Jeremy’s Health and Safety FAIL: BMW M3 0-60 mph | Top Gear Live UK

Jeremy has come up with a new stunt for the Top Gear Live show and expects it’ll be amazing. James and Richard however are certain its not going to work. Take a look behind the scenes with our exclusive videos and stay tuned to #TGLRehearsals to see how we get on.


  1. Post By Gabrielius Kačinskas

    That revv sound

  2. Post By Tony92x

    "still, could be worse."

  3. Post By Dave Here

    Thats not gone well… lol

  4. Post By trexler666

    1 wheel drive

  5. Post By Ege Erdem

    assume this is 100m longfor you to even achieve 100 km/h in 100myou need a car that does 0-100 in 2 sec (not even including the slowing down part)

  6. Post By PenguinActually

    Weird looking mustang in burnout practice.

  7. Post By Will Ferland

    Poor e36

  8. Post By Samo Radiansky

    Ou shit

  9. Post By Devyyon

    I think I just found the 2019 mustang commercial

  10. Post By HR-Styling

    Poor e36…

  11. Post By TX2673XA

    I love this car.This is my heart choice.I do not change an old iron with a new plastic ;-)

  12. Post By ferdi himawan

    "well that's gone wrong"

  13. Post By Rolandas Jarosevicius

    "hold my beer"

  14. Post By Random GAMER

    not even gonna get to 60 WITH all over the limiter

  15. Post By Mohammed Al3asfa

    I miss these guys ❤️

  16. Post By Kıvanç Y

    That old but magnificent bmw naturally aspirated 6 cylinder sound.. A proper sports car engine sound.. Not like todays turbo charged sports car engines with bee buzz sound..

  17. Post By Tijn Vos

    Still.. could be worse

  18. Post By King_Imperial

    If only the car had some stickers on…

  19. Post By See You In Mist

    what a load of total utter bullshit

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