Jeremy’s Health and Safety FAIL: BMW M3 0-60 mph | Top Gear Live UK

Jeremy has come up with a new stunt for the Top Gear Live show and expects it’ll be amazing. James and Richard however are certain its not going to work. Take a look behind the scenes with our exclusive videos and stay tuned to #TGLRehearsals to see how we get on.

19 thoughts on “Jeremy’s Health and Safety FAIL: BMW M3 0-60 mph | Top Gear Live UK

  1. That revv sound

  2. Tony92x says:

    "still, could be worse."

  3. Dave Here says:

    Thats not gone well… lol

  4. trexler666 says:

    1 wheel drive

  5. Ege Erdem says:

    assume this is 100m long
    for you to even achieve 100 km/h in 100m
    you need a car that does 0-100 in 2 sec (not even including the slowing down part)

  6. Weird looking mustang in burnout practice.

  7. Will Ferland says:

    Poor e36

  8. Ou shit

  9. Devyyon says:

    I think I just found the 2019 mustang commercial

  10. HR-Styling says:

    Poor e36…

  11. TX2673XA says:

    I love this car.
    This is my heart choice.
    I do not change an old iron with a new plastic ;-)

  12. "well that's gone wrong"

  13. "hold my beer"

  14. Random GAMER says:

    not even gonna get to 60 WITH all over the limiter

  15. I miss these guys ❤️

  16. Kıvanç Y says:

    That old but magnificent bmw naturally aspirated 6 cylinder sound.. A proper sports car engine sound.. Not like todays turbo charged sports car engines with bee buzz sound..

  17. Tijn Vos says:

    Still.. could be worse

  18. If only the car had some stickers on…

  19. what a load of total utter bullshit

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