Just Grinding

A fan request.

21 thoughts on “Just Grinding

  1. Kapakala says:

    Sing us a song you're the piano man!

    Thanks, now it's stuck in my head for rest of the week.

  2. Slanted_Jack says:


  3. krodista says:

    I could watch you grinding for days…

  4. I have one of these machines, anyone interested in buying it?

  5. just wait till its time to lap those in, if Bruce doesn't have a power lapper (wrong words, piss off) you will have a ton of fun with that one

  6. someone make a 10hr loop of a valve being ground by Mr regular, just the grinder going on and off the valve, that would be provocative!

  7. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  8. TANKBUST3R66 says:

    I like how the piano man was in the background

  9. Can you do a Ford Bronco?

  10. TheEpicGypsy says:

    Mr Regular listens to 102.9 MGK?? if so, awesome.

  11. niceguyjoe24 says:


  12. Silent Bob says:

    Some guys looking up fetish vidyas to fap to ending up with very fetish vidyas to fap to.

  13. Sm ramgator says:


  14. YES, I was hoping for this.

  15. lamboguy59 says:

    I remember seeing this post on facebook.

  16. Ben C-B says:

    review a ducait next for rcr

  17. just fuck my shit up, this good

  18. Why is this so pleasing to watch and listen to?

  19. Lee Smith says:

    Really love these informational videos! Keep it up! Shows who your true subscribers are

  20. This video is strangly relaxing

  21. You like that piston don't you? oohh yeah…

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