LaFerrari, Ferrari Enzo replacement, Geneva 2013 – XCAR

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The Ferrari F150 will replace the Enzoand will first be unveiled at the 2013 Geneva motor show. We take a look at what the V12 beast might actually be like and at the F40, F50 and the Ferrari Enzo that came before it. Subscribe to XCAR to stay up do date with developments of this supercar.

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  1. Post By adithalmeida1

    What is the song that plays from 2:30 on wards?

  2. Post By Joseph Tomb


  3. Post By Raphaël Hébert


  4. Post By CelciuzX

    400mph? you gotta be kidding me, if you're not a kid you're sure one hell of a dumb adult.

  5. Post By dnnswlvs

    *sigh* a stupid kid is trying to be a smart ass. Google it if you don't know veyron top speed in MPH.
    Anyway, laferrari 0-300 kph acceleration is less than 15 seconds, while the veyron 0-300 kph acceleration is 16.7 seconds. Top speed doesn't really matter today because it needs 5 miles straight road to reach the top speed. What really matters is how it performs on the track. Nurburgring & top gear track are the benchmarks of all supercars.
    You can thank me later, kid

  6. Post By Em Ma

    the buggatti 400 mph. the Laferrari 200/300mph which is faster? you tell me measurment expert and i am not a kid i am adult that know more about speed than you you dumb ass.

  7. Post By mezemenk

    But finally its gonna be called La Ferrari, no f150 f70 bullshit

  8. Post By dnnswlvs

    do you go to school, kid? do you study units of measurement?

  9. Post By Narek T.

    Lol 400 mph…are you stupid Em Ma? The SS goes 267. Enzo wasn't meant to be the fastest so don't compare them.

  10. Post By Em Ma

    the buggatti goes 400mph the ferrari enzo is a slow shit compared to it.

  11. Post By MoPar7055

    Enzo's are for noobs

  12. Post By lazios

    0-300 in 15sec??? Wow..really impressive.

  13. Post By evan c

    beautiful car in everyway.but why such a lame name.forget the LA just name it ferrari.since its their best car to date.they need to make more of them.499 is just not enough

  14. Post By evan c

    its not gonna be called a f 150 so quit your bitchin

  15. Post By Stefanus Alfredo Tedy

    well played! but honestly LaFerrari sounds ridiculous

  16. Post By JayRicci7891

    'LaFerrari' is the official name. -_-

    Stupid name. But its utterly GORGEOUS imo. Google it.

  17. Post By Carfection

    We assumed you were referring to the failed purchase of Ferrari by Ford, that led to the GT40 and the argument that is now brewing over the F150 name between the two companies.

  18. Post By Stafhon Boca

    whats the closing song

  19. Post By walperstyle

    You have no sense of humour or understand what I'm talking about do you?

  20. Post By Frozzy

    Lol seriously

  21. Post By gerardML93

    the Enzo, will never be replaced!!!

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