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As luxurious as a Roll Royce, as electrified as a Tesla. Aston Martin shows us the future with the Lagonda Vision Concept.

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  1. Post By Douglas Ladowski

    So a blind guy designed it, interior looks like a shelter a homeless person would scrounge together, and it will drive it self,hmm-mm. It will be a success because there are too many people with more money than taste or brains. good luck

  2. Post By Ed


  3. Post By All Cars Evolution

    The epaulets on the car seats reminded the coat of policemen from the USSR :)


    I want it

  5. Post By bossman

    Beautiful car, insane to think that as a 19 year old this is the car that I will be driving (or at least commandeering) when I'm older! If this is what the future looks like, then I'm all for it.

  6. Post By Stephen Rose

    it technically is not a fully vegan interior if it is wool. But it is better than leather for sure

  7. Post By Mase J

    Shagadelic Baby.

  8. Post By Ivan Ivanovic

    This interior made straight from old soviet officer overcoat. LOL. I served in this coat in secret rocket unit in middle of Soviet nowhere in 1963. Henry Pool is so outdated. it was made of finest Soviet wool, but not so excellent as marshall wool overcoat. But marshall wool cost a hell of money, and made for only few people on top of army. Maybe sometime Henry Pool and Aston have ability to purchase top of the top caucasian wool. In Siberia and North it was warmer geniune sheepskin coat. Tru vegan. Officer hats from baby lamb fur. O, man! It's great.Don't think oligarkh and seikh would be purcase something like this. They needs sable and Arctic fox fur from Siberia. Not officer woolcoat in which many of them serve in KGB. )))

  9. Post By blooskys1

    Like the outside but not the inside

  10. Post By Jose Díaz

    LaHonda NSX?

  11. Post By Kilak

    familia peluche, anyone?

  12. Post By tiger lily

    Make a race version aston martin!!!!!

  13. Post By fil kan

    interesting in terms of interior deco and external design but – it is not a car yet… Anyone can do such a closet with 4 seats inside. You cannot drive it, actually it does not have all these things that make the car go. They are far more expensive than a woolen car seat, led lights… Probably even there is no space in the concept to put the battery and the motors…

  14. Post By dee106ful

    Great looking from all aspects….only thing you didnt touch on is the electric motors and will they be as fast as a tesla in ridic mode.

  15. Post By fulaan1

    I like where the interior is going. Exterior not too much

  16. Post By fulaan1

    How are cashmere and wool "vegan"?

  17. Post By fulaan1

    Did he say the interior was "vegan"???

  18. Post By Dr. Josef Blough Ph.D.

    All that faux fir and those pillowcase designed materials in this cars interior reminds me of some apartment in America's ghettos, where tasteless blacks have furnishings in their apartments from thrift stores!  A throwback to the 70's garish materials and tacky appearances.  Its hideous.

  19. Post By Dr. Josef Blough Ph.D.

    In the near future, the peasants will be driven around in an electric shoe box, devoid of any enhancements or luxuries.  Point A to point B in electric silence, bored passengers will sit inside vynal seats on their cell phones following twitter.  But this car will be the same thing, but for the ultra wealthy passenger to sit on his/her ass in cashmere seats, while eating caviar, drinking champangne and watching television.

  20. Post By boxertest

    Replace with leather and its perfect!

  21. Post By Eric

    Styling is nice, and I like the concept – but it does look like the 70's had its way with the interior. Can you imagine stepping into your fuzzy, itchy wool lined car seats in the dead of a hot summer day? No thanks. If they wanted it to be sustainable, there are many other materials that will do, including synthetic leathers.

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