Lamborghini Asterion at Paris 2014 | evo MOTOR SHOWS

Lamborghini Asterion LPI 910-4:
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25 thoughts on “Lamborghini Asterion at Paris 2014 | evo MOTOR SHOWS

  1. Jason N says:

    Entry level lambo. If you can buy the v12 lp700 just dont buy a lambo.

  2. david penn says:

    Huracan bhp : 602 
    Asterion : 890
    Aventador : approx. 690

    Huracan top speed : 202mph
    Asterion top speed : 199mph
    Aventador top speed : approx. 217 mph

    Huracan 0-60 : 3.2 (tested at 2.5 apparently- low 3's seem more likely)
    Asterion 0-60 : 3.0
    Aventador 0-60 : 2.8~2.9

    The numbers just don't make sense. Kinda seems like Audi's half-assed attempt at making a LaLamborghini

  3. Poly_G says:

    How long do they plan to slap the front fascia of the aventador on everything?

  4. K. John says:

    First really original not-out-of-the-top concept Lamborghini

  5. Lexi Reid says:

    Does this mean we can still have naturally aspirated big engines.

  6. Michael says:

    I really like the look of this car it reminds me a lot of the f12 berlinetta! The interior is amazing aswell.

  7. its an old school design.. love it!

  8. ///AMG says:

    Is it just me? Or can we see more red trousers? ….. I think it's just me.

  9. Az Azii says:

    Looks like a ford gt

  10. krocialblack says:

    If you think this car looks ugly, then I highly suggest you get a fucking eye exam. And to all the little 10 year olds crying over the Aventador. We get it. The Aventador is your favoritest car in the whole wide universe. It's the bestest car EVAR! Now will you all please shut up about it, and embrace something different!

  11. Royson Tong says:

    Anyone that wants this to be a production car must be a ferrari fanboy and wants to dropdead lamborghini fans and company

  12. CammieGee says:

    I love the design, reminds me of the Miura.

  13. dre don says:

    Fugly lol

  14. VectorGhost says:

    the MINE-itor? lol uhhh lmao 

  15. Huxxy says:

    This looks fucking awesome! GT styling but mid engined! Unique! And pays homage to historical styling cues too!

  16. Amer Spahic says:

    Looks like new age Miura.

  17. Poseidon says:

    People seem to forget the magnificent Reventon (before the Aventador & Huracan).

  18. Face looks good
    Side Profile looks perfect
    Rear looks good

    Face + Side + Rear = looks good but doesn't seem to match properly for me.

  19. rrradodddupa says:

    If Huracan is Audi R8 but worse, this could be RS5 but bit worse…and looks boring, not like proper Lambo. Audi ruined Lamborghini with this 4×4 and lot of other influence. They should learn from BMW which for example made Rolls Royce better.

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