Lamborghini Countach 50th anniversary tour


  1. Post By Neil Gordon

    What a fab video and a terrific car meeting and rally. Did you happen to see Mike Brewer and Ed China from off Wheeler Dealers with their Lamborghini Urraco?

  2. Post By MyBeomaster901

    Great tour.

  3. Post By junior0069

    4.40 shemee150

  4. Post By Dawid Peć

    hey @17:34 is that the rear of the Cala in the right corner of the still photo?

  5. Post By supper cars

    no wing why

  6. Post By ElMosqito

    I was there and it was great. I was wandering  who is the owner of this dirty Countach :)

  7. Post By thomascwm

    Shmee150 at 4:42

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