Lamborghini Urus: Triumph Or Travesty? – Carfection

We have a closer look at Lamborghini’s Super SUV at its American premiere and drool over some of its Sant’Agata ancestors.
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43 thoughts on “Lamborghini Urus: Triumph Or Travesty? – Carfection

  1. psynrg says:

    You asked the question. Answer : Travesty.

  2. snipe69 says:

    One of these days, some VAG engineers are going to walk into the Lambo plant, and find a J58 engine duct taped to the top Huracan.
    VAG engineer: "What the hell are you doing?!"
    Lambo shop worker: "We needa more power!"

  3. that is absolutely the best looking suv i have ever seen !!!

  4. keanehgz says:

    Urethra + Anus = Urus

  5. Petter says:

    Another German in cartoonish Italian clothing, travesty

  6. From suv how about a truck?! Love see it the Mercedes made a truck not long ago the 6 wheels sweet bad ass looking

  7. Ugly

  8. Hans Aaraas says:

    Turbos in a Lambo is just wrong in my opinion. IT's way too Audi. THey should have made it a hybrid naturally aspirated V8 instead

  9. Like a Cayen……you mean a Toureg…aka its an overpriced VW…..

  10. Darr Whyask says:

    I'm not in any way against Lamborghini producing an SUV, but it absolutely needs to stand out in the market. Make it half obscene/half ridiculous and regardless of output, it should have a V-12.

  11. ChermBo says:


  12. lindsag345 says:


  13. Turboxide says:

    I don't see why people are complaining. I think this is a nice car even though I wouldn't want to own one. This car will help fund the rest of the real Lamborghini's, what's wrong with Lamborghini trying to get some cash to push the real cars to even higher levels?

  14. John Wick says:

    Worst thing I've ever seen.

  15. I could swear I saw you on either THE VERGE or ROADSHOW youtube channel

  16. Jam H says:

    Travesty money grabbing whores

  17. GRRB says:


  18. Neudezign says:

    I love to see imagination, creativity and engineering come together to build things but … this really just seems like something that will water down the Lamborghini brand. Just because your parent company has the platform to build a SUV, doesn't mean you should.The SUV market is heavily saturated and I initially don't really see what Lamborghini is bringing unique to that market. Will it have more interior luxury than a Bentley Bentayga, probably not? Will it have more on-road capabilities than a Porsche Cayenne, probably not? Will it have more off-road capabilities than… HA HA who are we kidding!? I suspect this will just be another luxury SUV for people who have way too much money to spend.

  19. God says:

    they should have a v100 engine in there.

  20. Jim Taylor says:

    Ferrari should bring an suv based on 812

  21. should they be doing this … ? HELL YEAH they should this will 100% sell just as many or even more then the huracan. mark my words.

  22. 10 piston brake calipers? Can you say overkill?

  23. eL graPa says:

    Ever since the Countach, Lamborghini's have been ridiculous cars made for ridiculous people and because ever more people strive for that status, this seems to be just a logical iteration.

  24. There will undoubtedly be a variant on this car in time to come with that insane Lamborghini V12. They'll find a way to make it work.

  25. The only way they could get away with this (for car lovers) is if it had over 1000bhp from an NA V12. It's a bridge too far for me. It's hard enough to swallow the fact Jaguar, Maserati, Alfa Romeo and Porsche have jumped on this shallow band wagon. But Lamborghini too? 100% Travesty!

  26. Chris M says:

    I like it. I want one. I need to make a lot more money for that to happen though…

  27. wow I thot wolverine joined carfection as a presenter.

  28. joako2706 says:

    The steering wheel is the same as in my A3 , really ? This is a proper travesty , no V12 , no V10 , uninspiring design .

  29. Ugly af

  30. Ugly af

  31. HEKTIC458 says:

    It’s cool but its just an expensive dolled up Q7.

  32. I bet that is not even made in Italy

  33. Shameee AUDIGHINI

  34. RickySlickk says:


    This is basically a rebodied, rebadged cayenne even down to the motor.

    You said fundamentally Lamborghini couldn’t put their v10/12 into this “suv” but Bentley was able to??

    Seems like mommy Volkswagen wouldn’t allow because of Bentley’s claims of having the fastest suv.

    I’m really just hating. I hated shared chassis especially amongst big brands. I get bespoked chassis would cost a lot in R&D but sheeesh.

    This doesn’t even look like they tried. Just copy.paste.paraphrase. Done


  35. alexioflexio says:

    it's simply not desirable.

  36. Freud says:

    Are you kidding. Absolute travesty. BMW also guilty by slapping M badges on everything and Porsche another sad case with their SUV's. The arguement is that it needs to be done in order to keep the sporting lineage financially viable. Maybe true? Who really knows?

  37. Ur-anus is a travesty.  Lambo should never, I repeat NEVER make a SUV.  Its a complete joke.

  38. L.J Ross says:

    Looks like a Pontiac Aztec.

  39. Amin Haq says:

    A modern Pontiac Aztek. What were you thinking Lamborghini.

  40. Better not be a redressed Audi Q7

  41. I like it but I'm a bit disappointed too… Lambo said that they would never do Turbo-Engines… Soo? Here's the first one…

  42. playerzoma says:

    not beautiful ….. what companies do for money…. its sad!

  43. The biggest market in the world, is the "SUV" market, full of baby-producing, none coitus interruptus, salary goons. Their salaries (PLUS EXPENSES) are not drying up as fast as the nutters are claiming that fossil fuel reserves are, so they can spend spend spend on SUVs and nappies, until the social workers come for their kidz, and the hoardes of transient Eastern Europeans steal their jobs, with their blind acceptance of zero-hours CON-tracts and minimum wages. It's a fragile but mega market, and Lambo mafia want their cut.

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