Lamborghini Veneno: Geneva 2013 | evo MOTOR SHOWS

Lamborghini Veneno 2013 show review & pictures:
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28 thoughts on “Lamborghini Veneno: Geneva 2013 | evo MOTOR SHOWS

  1. ellieisfit15 says:

    That isn't a hyper car, in essence its an over priced Aventador with slightly pumped up engine and excessive carbon fibre styling, plus it looks fuck ugly from behind, its nothing compared to the LaFerrari, P1 or 918 Spyder.

  2. ure face is a joke

  3. terrysky83 says:

    One has got to ask, 'what is the point?'

  4. terrysky83 says:

    One has got to ask, 'what is the point?'

    anyone wish to see?

  6. Car Piano says:

    mclaren p1 and ferai laferrari 900++ horse power only cost like one m
    this ugly lamborghini with only 750 horse power sell 3.5 m each although it only make 3 of this

  7. Lamborghini made 4 cars, Red , white and green. This silver is for Lamborghini.

  8. Apparently birdman has brought one

  9. GE19 says:

    lamborghini has only made i think 3 cars to sell and one to keep i'm not sure.

  10. I don't think it is a concept my friend although it certainly looks like one though. I watched a video of a Aventador owner saying that he has ordered the Veneno and wanted to drive it during the Lamborghini's 50th anniversary in Italy but they couldn't get it finished on time so he was not able to drive it. Concept or not there are people out there buying this car.

  11. Sub Zero says:

    Ιd like a STIG lap!

  12. Pagani Zonda says:

    Would have loved to see the inside.

  13. They really should fire the designer…

  14. GE19 says:

    its only a concept just like the egoista

  15. ABOlsen69X says:

    And that is why I for one, would love to drive it.

  16. ABOlsen69X says:

    Not sure beautiful is the word I'd use. Striking yes. I like it, it has tons of personallity.

  17. hahaha, you should be a comedian

  18. corvusala says:

    Best looking Lambo since the countach.

  19. gamingmmo1 says:

    Just like any lambo should be

  20. RonanMets says:

    Are u people insane this cars looks fantastic if your buying a supercar u can never go too far there ment to be borderline ridiculous not standard nothing normal

  21. wilde77 says:

    From a design standpoint this looks derived from the Aventador, but you re right. It's overdone, bordering on the ridiculous (and not in a good way).

  22. Kenkwasi says:

    Agreed, The Sesto Elemento had the perfect balance of sanity and craziness in terms of style, with exhausts just below the rear wing and almost half of its ass gone, leaving the chassis visible.
    Now this…this car has so many sharp edges it might as well be a murder weapon for pedestrians…

  23. OwenLutz123 says:

    looks like something batman would drive or something that came straight out of hell. lol

  24. Nanorisk says:

    looks like it came straight out of a kid's sketch book

  25. boombap420 says:

    lamborghini fuglador hybrid

  26. boombap420 says:

    2013: the year of the fuuuugly hybrid hypercar

  27. Stoked says:

    What a joke.

  28. GwoodBloodz says:

    better than the ferrari

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