Like a Monkey With a Knife – Rounds 7 & 8 of the Porsche IMSA GT3 Cup Challenge by Yokohama

Rounds 7 & 8 of the Porsche IMSA GT3 Cup Challenge by Yokohama from Canadian Tire Motorsport Park in Canada. Madison Snow and Angel Benitez Jr. battle it out for a truly exciting race finish, and difficulties for Ashely Freiberg during qualifying prove the championship race has some major twists in store for fans.


  1. Post By Swansen03

    #Drive this are awesome

  2. Post By LittleLion

    I want to buy a "Monkey with a knife" bumper sticker.I'd pay $40.

  3. Post By David Pye

    same head car

  4. Post By C Hastings

    Better than if your crush was on John Hindhaugh :P

  5. Post By Josh Donivan

    Racing is coming…

  6. Post By Josh Donivan

    lovin this series, keep em coming!!!!

  7. Post By H4lJordan


  8. Post By MarkMash17

    would love to be involved in this

  9. Post By James Stewart

    With all the talk about what a dangerous course this is, why couldn't you have shown a lap from inside one of the cars? We saw a couple of snippets so we know some of cars had cameras in them. Only a race enthusiast would click this clip of course we would want to see a lap or so from inside the car. Maybe you thought all the pretty colors would be enough to satisfy our simple imaginations.

  10. Post By gt2urbo

    i dont think snow has any school friends hes lame as hell

  11. Post By Momo Motorsport

    You can catch full race coverage on our channel MomoMotorsportVideos

  12. Post By Momo Motorsport

    The lovely Miss Paige Duke

  13. Post By ErebosGR

    That track is bumpy as hell!

  14. Post By SKITTL3Z37

    When the fuck are we gonna get a new TRACKSIDE video!!??!!!

  15. Post By EliteGuard01

    Up until now I thought Madison Snow was a girl not a dude….

  16. Post By bottomlayer

    Yeah they made it private halfway into me watching it. Why do they do that?

  17. Post By Blame

    they did, but it was private.

  18. Post By Jonas Rosenven

    The sticker makes no sense. Did a monkey make it?

  19. Post By Thrust Johnson

    OMG the Momo girls!

  20. Post By myles balkom

    like if you were there!

  21. Post By Rally Bas

    Impressive entry list

  22. Post By NmbPhotos

    Amazing race track, was there for the whole weekend. Tremendous racing

  23. Post By Hoverbot1TV

    LOL! I liked racing Shannonville, Monkey with a knife = Corrupt rich guys in Porsches. :P)

  24. Post By BPRIME

    great vid, thanks for posting!

  25. Post By Graham Lorence

    I wanna know who those podium girls were…

  26. Post By Juan G

    They posted the AWESOME ending as a sort of preview ;-)

  27. Post By Flarrow


  28. Post By KJV

    this is a tricky track ..

  29. Post By TRNS

    Very impressive racing there, I'm so hype for the rest of the series!

  30. Post By bottomlayer

    didn't you already post this video?

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