Lotus Elan Sprint

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  1. 700kg – it's as light as a Morris Minor.

  2. Without this car – the MX-5 would never have been.

  3. Erol Germann says:

    Almost a reminder of a Honda S800. Just in better shape !!

  4. Great show! 60's Lotus Elan, easily one of my top-five favorite cars of all time. With a little engine that could and brimming with personality that no modern car can muster.

  5. Welcome to Harrys Channel of annoying windnoises.

  6. One of the, if not the best engine ever made in my opinion (Lotus-Ford Twin Cam). Placed inside the greatest sports car. Good match. Oh, and the best automotive reviewer. Great combination!

  7. 3ducs says:

    Little nimble cars are just more fun than large supercars (I bet). It would be lovely to have that car here in rural New Hampshire but I make do the best I can with my ND Mazda MX-5.

  8. Night Owl says:

    Harry, any chance of a review of the Esprit V8 in the future or any Esprit for that matter?

  9. jharris947 says:

    PMSL when he put the Maserati wheel next to the Elan.

  10. Oh there's nothing like the induction sound of a twin cam engine on twin 40's or 45's.
    Loving your reviews Harry, probably my favourite one so far.

  11. JFB 101 says:

    You've got class Harry. From the motors you like, to the home you live in. One comment described you as a "bumbling Brit". There's a touch of the English eccentric about you, if you don't mind my saying so, but therein lies your charm – at least for me. Thanks for sharing and Oxfordshire is certainly a beautiful county. Best wishes to you.

  12. Where does the ODO stand now on this? Great vid!

  13. Robert Muir says:

    New subscriber here. Enjoying very much the perusal of prior episodes. Harry seems to be a real enthusiast and that fact really comes through in the videos. My only criticism is the audio quality during the driving segments. One or two episodes were unintelligible and I just bailed out after the wind noise became really obtrusive. With just a little tech upgrade all the episodes would be so much more enjoyable if the wind noise wasn't so bad.

  14. Harry makes such a big deal about how light (by being tiny) the wheels and tires are but those wheels look like steel wheels to me. You could put slightly wider ALUMINUM wheels on there with 175 or 185 tires and keep the unsprung weight roughly the same with a LOT more grip. Just sayin'…

  15. RoadGoose says:

    Hmmm.. found this video difficult to watch – I kept getting distracted by the Countach in the background…

  16. Ian Townsend says:

    This is why I want the new Mx5 back to the old school, low weigh 1.5 is the best engine to have & makes a nice noise, plus you don't need to worry about speeding tickets

  17. the grin on harrys face at 10 mins in says it all,

  18. Wind up at 7:49

    I have that same thing in my mothers fiat seicento 900cc. I've sometimes got to heal and toe on the downshift in that, baby blue sweet thing to look at!

    Only trouble is, that I learnt driving in that car, and when I drive in any other manual cars I manage to screw up the gear change a lot of the time when driving slowly which make the engine stall.

    Solution: drive fast!

    Great videos Harry, only videos I make time for to watch it. Take a cold beer, and ly down on the couch. Your roadtrips are amazing aswell.

  19. Thank you Harry. Exceptional car. Cheers from a Canadian fan.

  20. Acct1941 says:

    I believe the S1 3.8 E-Type with the Moss gearbox and the short rear-end will do 60mph in about 6.3 seconds, so the E-Type in that spec should, indeed, be quicker.

  21. Beowulf 59 says:

    Love it, thats how this car should be driven. Brings back memories, thx for sharing:)

  22. UOGH! Webber carbs! Do you have electronic ignition on her Harry?

  23. dpistis says:

    Harry great review. Why don't you have a 1st gen miata to match it? All it will need is a little more power.

  24. Broj 1 says:

    When Mazda designed Miata,they say that they didn"t took this car as a model.Nooooo,no way.Big respect for Miata anyways.Combination of Japanese industry and taking this car as a model,makes Miata probably one of most successful car ever.

  25. Paww says:

    Thanks so much for sharing your cars with us Harry, another wonderful video. Glad to see your happy to give the cars a good run! :)

  26. K2edg says:

    Where are the side repeaters :)

  27. chipchip says:

    Amazing seeing the difference in tyres!

  28. JETZcorp says:

    What he says reminds me of how my little 120cc '67 Kawasaki feels.  It looks absolutely ancient, but then you get on it and it's got way more power than it has any right to, especially at low RPM where such a small two-stroke should have issues.  And even though it's made of pig-iron, it's so small that you can just flick it through corners and around obstacles.  It's absolutely fantastic.  And of course there's plenty of character, like the tendency to burn your leg if you're not careful, the unconventional shift pattern, and the world-shaking levels of noise from the completely open exhaust.

  29. I've always loved this model with the "Big Valve" engine

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