M60 V8-Swapped BMW E30 – One Take

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This 1986 BMW E30 Coupe began life as a standard, six-cylinder model, but now sports a M60 V8 from a 1995 BMW 540i and a 6-speed manual transmission. Making 300 horsepower and 300 lb/ft, the V8 engine is enough to hot-rod up this E30 into a lively grand tourer with a cool soundtrack to match. The parts list is extensive so
check out the WheelWell page for the full build!


33 thoughts on “M60 V8-Swapped BMW E30 – One Take

  1. Zac Brooks says:

    For real though the slow ass transition from in car to out you need to work on.. just saying it would be a lot more cinematically pleasing

  2. DØPÊ says:

    S54b32 would of been a great swap for a i6 swap.

  3. Von Sterner says:

    I love it!

  4. Sactown baby thos is one monster of a car

  5. Justin Seara says:

    Puts bigger and faster motor, makes brakes worse.

  6. Pankaj Ahuja says:

    this guys sounds like the fat guy in superbad

  7. Orange OwL says:

    Mike, nice work on the car. Pretty sure it took a lot of effort. Sounds nice. Spend a few bucks and fix the headliner. Peace.

  8. manual brakes are fine as long as you take care of the rest of the braking system and dont just remove the master cylinder

  9. I Love that it has sleeper original looks. It sounds glorious too.

  10. greenc51 says:

    Is that Jonah Hill?

  11. OnVideoTV says:

    Please check out my e30 project car…

  12. "Best part is its sleeper" …arent all cars sleepers now, an accord goes 0 to 60 on 5.5 seconds, sleeper is now expected

  13. This bmw looks better than modern bmw.. what the hell are car manufacturers doing today, car designers of today should be fired

  14. That headliner bud….

  15. Mark W says:

    Something is rattling like a maraca in that car. Fix that too while you're at it.

  16. KDingo81 says:

    I am really impressed how nice and clean this car looks. It has not been raped by its owner. Clean and sexy, the only thing i would change are the rims. Besides that its a damn hot car.

  17. Cammy Juan says:


  18. Pak Yin Siu says:

    HEY PEOPLE!!! In some places where they snow, dealerships there do sell style 68 on M3 with winter tires, and the wheel size are different than the 330i ones we have. Don't judge him maybe he has those? who knows~

  19. Matas _ says:

    Hey, great vid! Whats the main camera thats been used here?:)

  20. peeent says:

    5:55 what the fuck, Matt turned into a turkey

  21. beerpowered1 says:

    f-eeenn sweet man. I love it, maybe even stealing some ideas.

  22. thomas pope says:

    Mpg ?
    Only new to engines and swaps

  23. do not speak says:

    its on craigslist for 30k

  24. Andrew Long says:

    Damn I'm doing this swap right now. He's right, it really isn't that difficult besides the monies.

  25. 1972R says:

    More about M3 follow @m3e46_m3e92 blue   Instagram

  26. this is sick as fffffflock. the only thing sicker wouldve been if it were an e30 wagon

  27. Musa Bashir says:

    Does the m60 just bolt on in the e30?

  28. Doublevanoz says:

    Maybe I'm a dick but it makes me fuckin sick how all these JDM Drifter Stance faggits and posers have gone Euro after the prices went down and they crashed or riced out all the 240s. No.. Im not a dick, i can't be the only one who feels it

  29. Doublevanoz says:

    Ahh the truth comes out. His buddy Michael did most of the work. When he did t know what model his wheels were off of I had a hunch, rite then and there. That himself, could not piece together parts off different models when he couldn't get the wheels straight. And the 7series came with the 4.4. What a poser

  30. Doublevanoz says:

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  31. KingRichard says:

    Those wheels are not from an e36. Matt is correct they're e46 330 wheels. Style 68 if I remember correctly. They might have also been available on the m3 but I can't remember. In either case the e36 predates these wheels for sure.

  32. Fred Garvin says:

    All that work for 286hp? An LS7 will slip right in. And it weighs less than that 4.0 liter. The plastic covers can easily be fit to the top of the LS, and no one will know what hit em. Still a great car though.

  33. dalton meek says:

    Those are actually e46 wheels btw bud

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