Manual-Swapped Mercedes CLK430 – One Take

The first-generation Mercedes CLK was a handsome coupe/convertible and daily driver, but never taken particularly seriously as a sports car, mainly due to its old-school automatic gearbox. If you can’t control your own gears, you simply can’t get the most of out of a car. The owner of this example, David, wanted more out his CLK and so he grafted in the 6-speed manual gearbox from a Chrysler Crossfire, a cousin of the Mercedes SLK, and while he isn’t certain how much power the gearbox will hold, he has completely transformed the CLK into a lovely canyon carver.

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25 thoughts on “Manual-Swapped Mercedes CLK430 – One Take

  1. B bo says:

    So the mb manual from a v6 fits the v8. I wonder if you can find a ecu from a manual v8 that would work here.

  2. Tester volunteering to do those 500 drag launches right here!

  3. Rube says:

    Someone please do a crossfire c 43 .pleeeaassseee

  4. tvar doasair says:

    Talk to collinsadapters he probably can help

  5. patokaa93 says:

    Well this seems like a very nice swap. I think Mercedes just didn't rely on the durability of the manual gearboxes, and building a new one for admittably a very nieche market would have been too expensive. Over the time, however, there has actually been two mercs that came with a manual gearbox and a V8 as a standard: w108/109 and w116 "S-classes" with the 3.5l engine.

  6. HarryT101 says:

    Datsun wagon is hot as

  7. PANTYEATR1 says:

    I love these cars. I almost bought a 99 CLK 430 that was pimped out with wheels and a sound system tapped into the factory system. the day I came to get it, it was sold and I ended up with a 2000 Volvo C70 coupe

  8. Looks front heavy.. engine very far forward

  9. They have the same diets

  10. Gocha909 says:
    have made manual conversion on my CLK430 5 years ago ;) so guy tell that no one have done it before lol

  11. W210 Source says:

    It needs bigger front brakes, Germany spec W208 430 have bigger rotors and 2/4 pod calipers versus US models with one piston caliper and 300mm rotor, same stuff is installed on CLK320…P.S. Car sounds awesome!!!

  12. The owner of this car is such a nice guy. Great video Matt. I already felt the owner was a genius before you said so in the video and before I actually commented on it. Pure genius. He is smart and nice. The car sounds and looks great!

  13. Or for less money and more performance just buy an e46 M3

  14. Vedant B says:

    This dude was hella chill

  15. Benzinio says:

    Man… you did something that bloody Mercedes had to do decades ago!
    What always puts me off of Merc is lack of proper manual for their V8 engines! More over nowadays you can have manual only with the weakest one! BRILLIANT JOB!

  16. John Bruches says:

    I have a 2000 CLK430 and a 2001 CLK55. I would love to do that to my CLK55.

  17. This is kick-ass…now 55 time…I salute you sir, this is the way a Benz should be, well done!

  18. thejoeyg says:

    not gon lie Ive have 2 01 e430s and the autos are always shit they always end up going bad

  19. Thomas Pfaff says:

    Project Sexchange is dope!!

  20. Shodan Cat says:

    I think the SRT Crossfires were all auto

  21. the question is which would be easier to do, manual swap the 4.3v8 or v8 swap the 2.6 v6 clk240 that comes with that 6spd manual here in the uk

  22. That really does sound great!

  23. You should do cars of other youtube auto vlogers!

  24. Carstuff111 says:


  25. Run3y says:

    I had a CLK 430 some months ago and it is an amazing machine, 1999 model tuned to 300hp lowered on H&R springs, looked stunning.
    Can't even imagine how well it must run on a manual gearbox that's working properly without fault :)
    I upgraded it to a 2001 CLK 55 AMG which i love dearly. Can't even compare the power, but really miss the huge exhaust pipe on the 430 and the roar as it takes off in kickdown which the 55 lacks. Thinking of installing a second set of pipes running separately, double trouble ;)

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