Martys car gets crushed

The Blue Turd gets pancaked

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  1. Post By Spike Kastleman

    I still want to know if this is Marty singing.

  2. Post By Adam Mcintee

    We all have that one vehicle we men get attached too

  3. Post By landon hohmann

    what song is that

  4. Post By Tom Carrick

    Still faster than your commodore.

  5. Post By 0323 J


  6. Post By Yuiopeggs


  7. Post By keyS driftS

    what the fuck it says published on oct. 22 2018 what??? apparently youtube is on crack!

  8. Post By Jack Walton

    Flat as a dinosaurs ball sack, that made me laugh a bit too much. :P

  9. Post By Ryan Harris

    This video made me fall in love with my daihatsu move (l900) again.

  10. Post By Aaron JC

    R.I.P. Blue Turd

  11. Post By Wilson Salam

    Does anyone know what's the title of the song?

  12. Post By David Does

    you didn't wash your hands Marty…

  13. Post By Adrimola_ 03

    Sorry turd!!!!!! :(

  14. Post By Yunior "Fenris" Guerra

    What is the car he got at the end?

  15. Post By AJ Skoufos

    American here did he eat chips or is that a different type of cereal

  16. Post By Adam Mcintee

    So emotional reminds me of my old lumina :'(

  17. Post By zebde

    He didn't wash his hands.

  18. Post By CS Studios

    Plot Twist : that was the donor car to the blue turd and they're gonna bring it back one day

  19. Post By Life on Hoth

    No. You didn't do that! :).

  20. Post By Blazicade

    Am i the only one that actually shed a teer

  21. Post By Chang khang yu chang khang yu


  22. Post By Chris Barbati

    I feel so genuinely sad watching this.

  23. Post By Daniel's Game Vault

    Sure hope you removed the start button :| :))

  24. Post By Mike Stone

    Very sad episode.  Goodbye old friend.

  25. Post By michael tuemose

    still sad in 2017… rip little awesome blue turd:-(

  26. Post By BallparkAppollo

    R.I.P blue turd they will be remembered.

  27. Post By Atrocious Nightmare

    OMG the feels Q_QAnd that happy Marty face <3I'm not even watching all your videos for the cars anymore.Best bromance I've ever seen.

  28. Post By ShockingLemon

    What about the cameras while smashing the car

  29. Post By abdulrahman khalid


  30. Post By Hemiac Plurge

    AKCHEWALLY the bit at the end vis. 11-sec. quarter miles could be construed as a verbal contract . . .

  31. Post By Timescope

    what car was it he give him??????????

  32. Post By Jax Johnson

    I got tears watching the flash backs.. so much love for the turd

  33. Post By Thomas the Car Kid

    Rip blue turd you could sell that fucking bitch

  34. Post By JuStArAnDoMdUdE

    marty has a loose asshole

  35. Post By JakeYT

    Poor Daihatsu Cuore AKA The Blue Turd

  36. Post By Dominique Steijlen

    Please please make the song available!!

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