Matt Buys a 1987 Porsche 911 Carrera! – One Take

Matt finally puts up and buys a Porsche! This 1987 Carrera is a whale-tail narrow-body coupe with A/C and a Sunroof in Cassis Red over Red Leather interior. At the time of purchase it has 92,000 miles after two owners. The Cassis Red exterior paint is 100% original except for a few touch up spots on the lower front valence and hood.

The plans for this car include a full transformation into a Keen Project Safari build – learn more about the Keen Project Safari 911’s here!

Special thanks to Sharkwerks for the Pre-Purchase inspection!

Matt’s Audemars Piguet Watch by Crown and Caliber!

46 thoughts on “Matt Buys a 1987 Porsche 911 Carrera! – One Take

  1. drdrew101 says:

    Yeah man, SAFARI!!! Why would you not build off a decent base? You know how much more it'd cost if you fix a crap one? Why don't you haters go buy the crap one, restore it and then you can go feel all gooey inside cos you saved a car?!

  2. Eddie C says:

    SMH….safari build? What a waist of nice gem

  3. OCMElPolo says:

    Your camera team still hasn't got their flyby shots sorted. Sorry but they really are crap, don't show much and sound always off.

  4. That color looks nice

  5. Grace Malley says:

    Good Luck Matt and for all the naysayers, just watch the opening 1 minute of this: "17 Classic Porsches!"

  6. JMD535 says:

    A Safari Build,…on this….Are You NuTS! Lord Why! I've listened to all the good you stated about this 911 and you're going to hack it up! Really,..I mean Really!

  7. infidel900rr says:

    911 Safari build? … SACRILEGE!!!! >;O

  8. LOL, that colour scheme is so 1987 inside and out – can just picture some Wall Street wizard buying this new in 1987, driving it around for a few months thinking he was the boss, then jumping from a window on October 19th when he realised he wasn't going to be able to pay for it. I do think that maybe it is too good for a safari build – but I guess as long as you can return it to a proper street car later on…

  9. Matt, you wrong. Original steering wheel is much better than any small 3-spoke Momo. You just don't get it yet. Momo maybe looks better, but it's about personal taste. Porshe steering wheel is safer, more rigid, gives the driver more information about its position, so he can turn it back to straight position easily, especially in darkness.

  10. Saw this one coming a mile away after Matt's video on Mr. Keen's 911…  And I think Leh cuts the front bumper up a little to be able to fit the larger tires. But, no, not a lot of mods are done to create the package, and almost all are easy to change back and bolt-on. 

    I've wanted to do this to my 911 (also a 1987 G50 car) but it's also in fantastic condition. Perhaps your project will give me some courage to do mine, as well.  Please keep us in the loop on the progress of yours.

    A bit of unsolicited advice? When renewing your shift linkage, upgrade to a WEVO unit. Of all my mods, this was the largest benefit. Can't say enough good about it.

  11. Excellent color, look forward to the build!

  12. johnkilo says:

    I was into it until I got 1.5 minutes in and you mentioned the safari build. Then I scrolled down to the comments and saw everyone else was thinking the same thing. Why would you take this nice example and run it off road when I'm sure there are many more beat on examples to choose from? I mean, starting off with a nice car probably makes it easier to work on, but you don't do any of the work on your cars yourself anyways, so who cares? Also, can someone finally share the reason why the One Takes ended? I've checked the past videos and Matt's Instagram and I saw no explanation, unless I missed it. Honestly, seeing Matt try such a variety of cars created by mostly "average joes," is way more interesting to me than big dollar shop builds on big dollar cars or whatever else this channel features.

  13. Ryan Barbolt says:

    You can call that red if you want…but that's Purple.

  14. Looking forward to this build

  15. Aspra says:

    Hahah That Royal Oak plug! I hope you do more watch stuff. We need more lefties! Only other one is The Time teller!

  16. Beautiful old ride

  17. Hal Yolo says:

    The color is amazing

  18. grantgrant77 says:

    I cant wait to see the progress. Please keep us updated as you go.

  19. Aaron Turner says:

    Hi Matt, Congratulations on the car. I suppose a Shelby GT350 purchase is postponed? hehe

  20. Or you could lower it, add a couple of fart cans, install a bigger wing, full body kit, . . .nah . . . dune buggy . . .. think dune buggy — just the thing to go with the $ 4, 000 watches you want to hook us up with.

  21. christdragon says:

    Nice car, so sad to hear your going to ruin it.

  22. ednut33 says:

    This colour 911 with the sun going down:

  23. andre reed says:

    Its a travesty. Lol
    Whats the point. Jus go buy one already Safarified.

  24. andre reed says:

    Im not apart if this so call Porsche community. Iam though an avid Porsche follower. I would hope tht there would a different example to destroy. Or turn into a. 4×4 come on Matt. Smh I normally dont say shit. Thts jus like taking ur Mustang and doing the same thing. I would advise against doing her as well. Lol. Good luck.

  25. Beautiful car – great find!

  26. Adam Reiner says:

    8:10 great Zuckerman impression!

  27. andydelapoer says:

    That car is verging on being a collector cream puff,way too nice to screw around,especially with original paint.There are loads of 911s out there that have had bad paint jobs or body kits,you could rally the crap out of one of those and not be molesting a survivor.Other than that,great idea.

  28. jim metro says:

    if matt goes on safari, someone is liable to mistake him for a hippo

  29. Ciafer Zero says:

    such a sexual car mmmmmm

  30. Paul Davis says:

    80s in a very good way. Nice choice

  31. Nikhil Reddy says:

    this car is beautiful! matt you lucky guy!

    Life goals!

  32. mrGTD170 says:

    Why are you doing a safari build on a car in such a mint condition. I would take some basket case 911 . As the Urban Out Law once said, if it doesn't has matching number , you can do whatever you want with it .

  33. Matthew515 says:

    Great find, Matt! I'm not a huge fan of the Safari build 911's myself but that is just personal preference and I certainly wouldn't hesitate to modify my own car to my tastes (say, like an Outlaw build) if I had the chance to do so. Good luck, have fun and keep us posted!

  34. Firmly in the keep it stock camp. Still, congrats. Excellent find. Shame to ruin it.

  35. gpoli160 says:

    Can you please change the title of the video to : How to ruin a jewel 911 tutorial. Step 1: Safari build

  36. darek4488 says:

    Was it 1st of April when you recorded it or are you really going to mess up this clean example for a Safari build?

  37. congrats to the purchase, I really like that color. 3.2 is a great engine and they just had an article on "porschefahrer" ( german porsche illustrated ) that you can easily put out 250 hp eliminating the restrictions. Great job, well done. I have an 930 which still has some work to do.

  38. Newmans_Own says:

    Matt, at one time didn't you say "Turbo, GT or NOTHING?"

  39. suga_shane says:


  40. Super clean why would u junk up such a nice car

  41. Abe Lincoln says:

    So whats the Doug Score?
    I actually dig this color Matt, my friend had a 928 in this color always thought it was interesting and unique. 

    Speaking of which, is anyone familiar with a rare Porsche color called Krystal Silber Grun (Crystal Silver Green)?

  42. LifeSOS says:

    The steering wheel is worse than a C5 corvette?! is that possible ;) I wish there was a good airbag aftermarket option for my C5Z06.

  43. wochoa says:

    RWB kit?

  44. Who else loves the projects like his mustang and now this?

  45. You lost me when you said 4 inch lift kit..

  46. AP watches are puff pieces with very poor reliability. Pretty much the opposite of what a 911 stands for.

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