Matt LeBlanc tackles the Ariel Nomad! | New Top Gear Teaser

The brand new series of TG is weeks away. Here’s one of the films to look forward to…

What happens when you introduce a star from Hollywood to a car from Somerset? An utterly bonkers car, at that?

The latest trailer for the brand new series of Top Gear gives us a good glimpse. That’s because Matt LeBlanc has met the mighty Ariel Nomad, a bundle of powerful off-road madness from the people who brought you the Atom track car.

And the results are a bit dusty. Once he’s figured out how to actually get inside the thing, anyway.

We’ve not confined Matt to the leafy lanes around Ariel’s southern county homeland, though. He and the Nomad have headed off for a boisterous adventure through Morocco, and as you can see in the video above, they aren’t alone.

Naturally, we’ll bring you more between now and the start of the new series at the end of May. Hopefully Matt will have dusted himself off by then…

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23 thoughts on “Matt LeBlanc tackles the Ariel Nomad! | New Top Gear Teaser

  1. 4 years ago- ONLY TOP GEAR!

  2. Congratulations for Joining Chris Evans and the Trashbin you sellout!

  3. k7799zzRR 5 says:

    I remember this. This is from the first episode with Matt and Chris. I did like that episode, it was funny when they had the three wheeler car. And Matt had to doge getting his photo taken in this.

  4. triangulated says:

    this would only be funny with jeremy he could easily get in there

  5. DJ Prad says:

    The grand tour just ended your career…bye

  6. marco mentz says:

    The only bit good about this was the grand tour advert trailer at the start

  7. bring back old top gear

  8. hate this idiot

  9. Grand Tour id better

  10. chanon says:

    Bring back John! Jim and joe too!

  11. MahiFTW says:


  12. Seybertooth says:

    I only came here to laugh at the salty Jeremy-fans who STILL come here to downvote and cry like little babies.

  13. PanzerKami says:

    Holy shit. All the childish Jeremy fanboys are still pouting because their little hero got his ass fired.
    So incredibly butthurt.

  14. Jack J says:

    Whoa 12k dislikes & half the amount of likes!!!

  15. Jack J says:

    Just wanted to let you know I really liked the grand tour

  16. Jordan 123 says:

    Watched Top Gear S23 Ep1
    Wanted to jump off a cliff

    Watched The Grand Tour S1 Ep1
    Instantly Addicted

  17. Noah Myers says:

    jermy clsrcson is the best so is hamsta and captan slow from noah Myers love top gear whith jermy I

  18. And.. unsubscribe to this sh*t hole

  19. Alantris says:

    This will be my last comment to Top Gear. It's just not the same without Clarkson, May and Hammond. I am unsubscribing for good.

  20. Sophia Marsh says:

    My dad is a big fan of TOP GEAR. FROM SOPHIA ISABELL ROSE MARSH.

  21. Jozef Brejda says:


  22. Roy Antony says:

    No matter how hard BBC tries, Top gear is dead.

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