McLaren 570S In The Real World (Fast Car Slow)

The Drive’s deputy editor Josh Condon drives the McLaren 570S like many of its Wall Street buyers do — in the city. Can he handle the traffic? Will NYC drive the “entry level” Macca insane?

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Shot by Andrew Siceloff and Erica Lourd, edited by Andrew Siceloff, produced by Cait Knoll.

25 thoughts on “McLaren 570S In The Real World (Fast Car Slow)

  1. Sorry to break it to ya but bankers don't make more than 40k and can't afford a supercar

  2. I love how dude just loses his shit at 10:22 lol!!

  3. John D says:

    Total waste of 12 minutes. He whined for 8 minutes at least. Or something cuz I didn't watch much.

  4. Pete Medina says:

    Great looking car

  5. Alanthecat says:

    looked like the spider , why not open the roof

  6. Ross says:

    So many places not too far outside the city for great driving. Beautiful twisties. You should have sent around a tweet asking for advice before filming…

  7. The Rock looks so much smaller now that he's off the juice.

  8. nightc1 says:

    Yeah supercars aren't really a good idea for real world driving. I don't think people want them for practicality despite whatever justifications they use for buying them.

  9. TheLonelyGuy says:

    The engine is a 3.8 Liter not 3.2

  10. Cody YZL says:

    Why not just go to a track.

  11. David F says:

    You my friend should have hit the southern state parkway in New York… Jackie Robinson also.. off peak hours of course and you will have a blast! Late night or very early morning.. lime rock park isn't far and Englishtown when you wanna get nuts both lil under 2hrs away

  12. ZDY says:

    idk… i drove the 570S (not the GT and yes on the read roads) last week and it felt super compliant, softer, and comfortable in comparison to my Cayman GTS with the X73 suspension …

  13. johnis300 says:

    Long Island is your best bet county rd 51 very light traffic

  14. its a 3.8 liter not 3.2 -_-

  15. Will Richter says:

    This is the most cliche-free car review I've ever seen, I love it. He didn't say "wave of torque" even once!

  16. fyioska says:

    3.2 litre??

  17. Fábio says:

    02:27 "Lot of bankers who stole a lot of money" Lolololol Like this journalist already when he decided to make a video with a high performance car "performing" on the real world. Please, make more videos!

  18. general co says:

    LOL!!! @2:26… so true.
    LOOOL ! @2:35 McLaren's version of the Toyota Corolla?

  19. Erique V says:

    Love this review

  20. McLarenBMW says:

    The 540c has enough power to be the fastest at any track with a good enough driver but also without having an obnoxious amount of power that is hard to put down, IMO it's the sportiest and most driver focused model they sell. The 570 is not really necessary

  21. That's not traffic, come drive in Bucharest at rush-hour, you will love New York after that

  22. "A lot of bankers who stole a lot of money…" lmao. Love the car too, Mclaren's always look nice in yellow

  23. I fell asleep 2 times during this review… it's a supercar not the new GOLF !!!

  24. Vin Diesel Lite is a great reviewer

  25. 4th comment

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