McLaren MP4-12C GT3 racing car shakedown on video – evo Magazine exclusive!

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evo Magazine gets exclusive access to the new McLaren MP4-12C GT3 racing supercar at Silverstone in the UK. HD footage of the stunning orange car in shakedown tests here!


  1. Post By DrJ2042

    Ready to see it top gt3 class now

  2. Post By eeeen321

    God! That sound!!

  3. Post By Pratik Parija

    The gear changes sounds like someone punching to the face or spitting to the face. lol


    @dayn83 just a few races… dude, a hole new racing car needs some good time to tune up the best adjustments…it is not so ez as u thought or played on gt4..

  5. Post By dayn83

    @SPEEDMARSHALL After watching a few races, apparently not… LOL

  6. Post By funkmasteryellow

    this wat the street version should look like

  7. Post By Targa2Tasmania

    This car crashed badly at the Spa 24 hrs.

  8. Post By Nawaf Alaroj

    mclaren f1 gtr "longtail" is better than this

  9. Post By Bogdan Tanase

    Anyone else got chills at 1:09?

  10. Post By The Rush To Nothing

    i hope i get to see this car in the Le Mans next time :)

  11. Post By mike perry

    Take that 458 mclaren's back

  12. Post By seanwfd

    akebono brakes!

  13. Post By simonhutton1

    Good luck guys, hope it knackers the competition!

  14. Post By Jay Kimball

    Good Morning, Damn I want to drive this car!
    Thanks Evo

  15. Post By Simon Bobik

    wouldn't be surprised if they make a 600+hp GT1 version
    seems better suited
    … however the 458s are taking up wins in GT3, so hopefully the maccas can take those wins back

  16. Post By licarcar

    eh, gt3 class is abit too softcore for this car i think -.-

  17. Post By PT1ST

    How much of the original car is a gt3?

  18. Post By edtri19

    sounds like a jet

  19. Post By jrs89

    Looks very Mitch Purdy Exclusive

  20. Post By veyronzondaf


  21. Post By ignuz

    That thing is nothing but business

  22. Post By sisi1198812039

    FIA GT3

  23. Post By luis perez

    porsche breakfast

  24. Post By luciferrrrr

    this is FAST!

  25. Post By Stefan Rose

    @animeonperseest you need to stop thinkin like that, the mclaren F1 is old news, the mp4-12c out accelerated it up to 160mph, and would abliterate it around a track, the only thing good about the F1 now is its top speed.. 458 scuderia will be stripped out and more powerful, with even less ability on the road than an mp4-12c.. and then mclaren will bring out their hardcore 12c and it mclaren continues to be leaps and bounds ahead of everything else including any ferrari

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