McLaren P1 North American Debut, Forza 5, E3 2013 – Presented by McLaren Automotive

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McLaren Automotive have teamed up with Xbox and Forza Motorsport 5 to give one lucky fan a once in a lifetime opportunity, a ride in the McLaren P1™ at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. The competition, which is being run McLaren’s Facebook page, follows the announcement of the Xbox One console and the reveal of Forza 5 which has the McLaren P1™ as its cover star. We caught up with McLaren and the Forza team at E3 and found out what the collaboration between the companies means for cars fans and gamers alike.

To be in with a chance of winning the McLaren P1™ ride, enter the competition at

43 thoughts on “McLaren P1 North American Debut, Forza 5, E3 2013 – Presented by McLaren Automotive

  1. I hope I win

  2. vaultboy122 says:

    Does anyone knows the song starting from 0.06?

  3. GTR in snow was far more impressive.

  4. JmanSKhokh says:

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  5. England.

  6. freedomzah says:

    It would be Game over for GT5 if there is a Forza Horizon 2

  7. blaine c says:

    Oh and Scrossist congratulations. :) I would love a McLaren P1!!!

  8. blaine c says:

    I'm a neutral when it is between xbox and ps but I have to say Forza is better than Gran Turismo and PLaystation fanboys are assholes not all but all the comments I see from playstation people are mean, selfish and really no one cares about your opinion unless it is nice and respectful. For those reasons I'm getting the Xbox One and Forza 5.

  9. Ross Flower says:

    I sat in that very car!!!!

  10. Ausup says:

    I wasn't trying to insult you, dude, I was talking about real target audience marks for racing videogames. Chill, not everyone on the internet's taking a moment of their day to make you feel bad.

    iRacing does help prepare you though. Not everyone lives in the first world and can afford to go to a track whenever they see fit. A lot of world-class drivers spend hours in iRacing honing their skills. They believe in it.

    Just offering an overview on an alternative platform. Some people like choice.

  11. jamie norman says:

    Hi know a lot of you would dis agree but I was looking forward to real race tracks

  12. Misaki says:

    I hate Lambos I like how you wanted to insult me though. I also hate 14 year olds and rappers who buy lambos because of their futuristic looks. iRacing doesn't prepare you for the real thing, practicing using a real life car prepares you for the real thing. At the end of the day people buy games for fun, and Forza is fun whereas iRacing is something more serious for a lesser audience. This is a Forza video promoting Forza not iRacing so stop mentioning iRacing in every single essay you write..

  13. Sorry But i am still going to Get the PS4 … NOT the xbox
    On ps4 they got GT which is way more batter than Forza

  14. FordGTGuy says:

    Forza is used by professional drivers too……

  15. dumb youtube says:

    Project Cars my friends!

  16. but forza 5 looks arcade anyway

  17. but great thing about forza or GT is i pay 50 dollars for the game and then i can choose to buy what i want, unlike iracing where you pay around 7 bucks a month or 179 bucks for 2 years………….

  18. white says:

    Same thing as buying a pizza for just one slice.

  19. I dont get you,
    i always play with a controller and turn all assists off.

  20. Ausup says:

    I agree with you! I AM thinking years in the past but here's the kicker – so are the publishers. I agree that the team behind Forza 5 has the means and the brains to develop all that and make it work perfectly. But then you know what happens? The CEO's 12 year old son plays the game and says 'It's too difficult'. Done, that's all it takes and Turn 10 will be pressured into toning down the realism considerably. It has happened before, but I'm with you – I hope they stay true to their vision!

  21. Ausup says:

    The courses are laser scanned – not modelled. It takes up to weeks and an entire crew full of high-tech equipment deployed at the tracks to SCAN every INCH of it. They don't go there to 'get a feel for the atmosphere', they're not given layouts and rough notes about bumps here and there. Where you drive on iRacing is where you'll drive in reality. Not important for kids who love Lambos, invaluable for people getting real track experience while preparing for a real life race.

  22. Ausup says:

    Just check the list of drivers that use iRacing every week. Not juniors or people starting into racing – some of them, if I'm not mistaken, have multiple world championships under their belt.

  23. Ausup says:

    I'm getting a wheel next month. Hoping for a used G27, and then I'm gonna jump right back into it x3

  24. Ausup says:

    I agree with you. Especially when it comes to racing games, publishers have a huge track record of all-promise-no-deliver. If you remember how aggressively they were marketing Test Drive Unlimited 2 you'll know what I mean. Game got released and the driving physics were worst than it's predecessor. It was bad enough that I just couldn't play it. Bought the game, gave it a chance for like a week and then just gave up. Driving-wise TDU2 was developped for 5 year olds with a joystick.

  25. Ausup says:

    I think they lack the money to back up speedy/on-time development. It was like that with the graphics (which are still barely managing to catch up to PS3 visuals) and it'll probably be a while before they have another 'surge' of changes. It's also worth noting that unlike games, which sell in different installments, iRacing has to be smooth with their additions/tweaks since it is just one continuous virtual experience.

  26. Ausup says:

    Yes it does, and I DO believe EVENTUALLY we will have Gran Turismo and maybe Forza reaching a level of 'physics' realism that equals iRacing, probably at the same time that iRacing will be reaching a level of visual fidelity to rival the consoles. If you ignore the target audiences it is basically the same concept (delivering a realistic racing experience) approached from two opposing ends – consoles, for obvious reasons, favor form over function. Computer simulations do the opposite.

  27. Ausup says:

    I've seen a couple of interviews with.. I believe was the lead programmer for iRacing. It was a while ago. I remember a couple of other similar simulation services were investing heavily on tire physics as well, it seems like that became a trend in the simracing industry. The bottom line is iRacing is developed from the ground up for professional training and a real racing experience. Console games have the means to achieve that, but end up simplified to favor a wider target audience.

  28. Anon ymous says:

    does anyone know the song?

  29. MrsGondee says:

    You are incorrect. Simulation on consoles has come a long way, Forza 5 will have a accurate mass block, chassie tortion modeling, and actual tire physics system with real test data. dynamic areo dynamic modeling, spring and dampening simulation. You are thinking years in the past my friend, the team that works on physics for forza is larger than the entire IRacing team.

  30. Misaki says:

    I just looked at the list of course you can drive in iRacing, are they serious?

  31. ThisIsPayne says:

    Yes, that is why Gran Turismo is used by many professional drivers, and they are able to have actual drivers evolve from their video games

  32. yes, i think i was just too pumped up for forza 5. still it's a great battle between the two consoles. also, i'm not an xbox fanboy.

  33. Zaheeb Iqbal says:

    just for one game …. well including you that makes 34 fools who would buy a money grabbing TV :p with side gaming … enjoy watching halo on xbox tv … lol its funny how people are still defending xbox 1 … even though they clearly tried to ROB you of your consumer rights .. please im not ps3 or ps4 fanboy … just look at what microsoft tried pull … no used games … now they removed DRM but damn if they did not .. i cant even imagine

  34. sullyFL says:

    The entire point was that exotic mfgrs don't design cars for 16-year-olds because they don't buy enough cars to be relevant. You're pointing out that maybe one or two 16-year-olds does have that ability (still unlikely). Even if you are right, it's a stupid and irrelevant point.

  35. ShiftyPugs says:

    This car is in IRacing you all should pop over and try it. It is very quick and is one of the best braking cars in the Sim.

  36. forza being a simulation? what a joke

  37. brobocops says:

    no one will know until it comes out, until then iRacing is still the leader in physics and tire simulation.

  38. Rodrigo says:

    turn10 studios probably worked really hard on the physics for this game, with next gen games, i think iRacing is no longer the most realistic

  39. Jetara says:

    Remember the GP-series? This was one of the best Sims back then not because of the physics, but because G. Crammond made some things unrealistic on purpose considering you are in front of a screen and so simply building 100% on physics won't give you a realistic feel automatically. Those so called "hardcore" Sims just deliver a Physics Sim, Forza and GT deliver a Simulation-Game. And I wouldn't even sign that the physics are much better, Forza Tire sim is better than anything out there right now

  40. Nope says:

    What's the song in the background ?

  41. white says:

    Just saying when you have all those fancy ''tire physics'' and the game graphics looks like shit (not saying it affects gameplay). It does take away from the simulator part.

  42. Scar Pund says:

    me too fuck ps4 even tho many dislike xbox

  43. g1DDriver says:

    and iRacing tire simulation still sucks. Anyway Mclaren doesn't care about physics in the game they care to deliver the hype to the kids and beautiful graphics does 80% of the job

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