McLaren Senna Walkaround – Top Gear

The McLaren Senna is here. Jack Rix from takes a closer look at the deranged, 789bhp road-legal track monster. Subscribe to Top Gear for more videos:

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46 thoughts on “McLaren Senna Walkaround – Top Gear

  1. bobkilla430 says:

    The car looks alot better in all black from the pics shown a week or so ago where one was at a gas station. I think how mclaren has made many of the carbon fiber bits in black here contrasted with the oragne is a main reason it doesn't look good since there's so many aero parts that many lines from the design get broken.

  2. Elvin Pyle says:

    I love mclaren's

  3. ripwotd says:

    Ugly AF

  4. Where the designers watching this Simpsons episode before they designed it??

  5. Darkmark454 says:

    Koenigsegg were the first to utilize a top mounted active rear wing.

  6. I've got a good job but will have to brown tongue the boss more before I could afford something in that price range.

  7. gjssjg says:

    I wonder how much they paid Koeniggsegg for the rear wing design?

  8. NhojGaming says:

    Would suck for tall people, even he struggled to get inside the car.

  9. That rear end is vomit inducing! So damn ugly!

  10. Zac Morris says:

    Plan faculty end random monster pink interpret sorry.

  11. NUKE says:

    I like it.

  12. LeoVomend says:

    top gear magazine films with a low level vlog setup

  13. LeoVomend says:

    i hope they never make a car named after L Hamilton

  14. Veilside McLaren

  15. Hit Nürburgring.

  16. Rytis36 says:

    Subaru svx called and wants its side windows back

  17. Matej Cubela says:

    track is not a circle!!!

  18. Jakob K. says:

    It so ugly, the fiat multiply want it's title back.

  19. SlCKB0Y says:


  20. veteq101 says:

    That is one ugly car

  21. aero tek says:

    Somebody pass me the toilet paper coz this guy bored the shit out of me

  22. Mackenzie Po says:

    nothing about this car stand out, it just a silly old hypercar that gets rich people and 12 year olds excited. If you want to use Senna's name you better give it all you've got, no focus on any other car, focus on the driver experience and not just the numbers and aesthetics. This is almost a tarnish of his name.

  23. Not beautiful, top gear does not even know about cars anymore what is it doing to itself

  24. Nikos Xania says:

    So, this COMEDY with that clown is called "TOP GEAR" now????

  25. Did he just meme us at 3:00?

  26. Mike Rudling says:

    Uglier than any race car I’ve ever seen. I don’t understand why??

  27. 252Scooby says:

    There’s about 17ft of car in front of the front wheel , and try not to say slammed as it brings a whiff of the max power

  28. wrathgar11 says:

    Please stop letting Jack Rix present anything. Please Top Gear. Please.

  29. HEKTIC458 says:

    Glass door thing in a waste. Its not a pretty car but im sure its fast

  30. Mr. P says:

    750k and all 500 were sold.

  31. wasabus2 says:

    The looks have really grown on me. Like it looks good

  32. The cameraman is drunk? Orrible video

  33. Bong Lim says:

    Nice addition to my matcgbox collection

  34. Koji Takata says:

    The car looks like a pickup with the bed loaded.

  35. Audrey M. says:

    will we be able to see these on the road? are they legal?

  36. But what about a P1LM/P1GTR track times?

  37. Pator5 says:

    The ugliest car i've seen in a while

  38. Cough…the grand tour did it better…oh….wait….oh c*#k

  39. Look at that ugly fitment on the rears :')

  40. sting0072007 says:

    Yes I want to drive a car shorter that Danny devito

  41. The design has grown on me. Granted, it's grown from Jeremy Clarkson to pile of trash, but it's grown nonetheless.

  42. Riles07 says:

    Looks like a shitty Chinese knock off of something

  43. Brian Smith says:

    i like how he makes a big deal about the hanging wing when thats been done for a long ass time haha

  44. Track car with maximum weight savings? Better give it glass doors and a huge infotainment system!

  45. "normal you have 5 bolts so you'll have 10 spokes", so 5 bolts wheel can only have a multiple of 5 spokes or what? :|

  46. You need not make any apologies for the design. I think it looks absolutely gorgeous as a direct result of the aerodynamic optimization.
    This car is beautiful.

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