MCM QLD Meet 2014

The biggest MCM meet in history takes place in Queensland. With hundreds of mad cars and thousands of people, it was an awesome day out, as well as a great way to meet new people and raise some money for charity.

Thank you to everyone who came down for the day,

Collide [WHITECITYLIGHT REMIX] (Feat. Erin Renee) – Single

Everything Bang
Everything Bang – Single

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42 thoughts on “MCM QLD Meet 2014

  1. what is the car to the left at 1:01

  2. Lol, loved seeing some of those old square cressidas in this

  3. Euro Tense says:

    Looks like a blast! Hope you had fun! From your guys in the UK!!!

  4. Leroy Hill says:

    Oh chopped haha

  5. Leroy Hill says:

    At 7:17, 5 2 7 (V II VII) in Roman numerals appears by moogs head. What does it mean?

  6. Max Dee says:

    r34 skyline

  7. would you be able to drive a mx5 turbo on your p's in sydney 

  8. Unbelievable what you guys have reached with the show, greetings from the Netherlands!

  9. moayad pack says:

    mate i live in newzealand umm where can i find a cheap sti any websites ??? 

  10. DoNkEyDuK says:


  11. Gotta stop watching. Been on ebay  and every other possible means looking at cars to mod.. Cars are fun. Doesn't matter if you are from America, Australia, Japan, ect.. Type of car you like, Cars in general. Brings people together for good reasons. MAAAD!

  12. Senior Lopez says:

    you guys should come to Auckland and do another Mighty Car Mods car meet!

  13. Alex Ortiz says:

    :O the silver S15… Probably the best looking car I e ever seen in my life… <3

  14. Will. B says:

    Whats the car at 1:38?

  15. LoBoost says:

    the its better with twins sticker hahaha

  16. TypeR98 says:

    "Dude I almost had you – Paul Walker" I want that sticker haha, R.I.P, oh and good video!

  17. MCM the best!

  18. Bunny Boy says:


  19. Simeon o says:

    Lucky we are to live in Australia. A land that has such a rich and diverse car scene, from vintage to Drifting and everything in between. Great video! Thank you mighty car mods.

  20. Derrick C. says:

    Never got there in time

  21. Jay R says:

    3:15 remote control adjustable suspension? 

  22. Liamv4696 says:

    WA Meet & greet, Barbagallo or Collie Motorplex track day! :D
    Would be epic!

  23. iAgentLu says:

    2:23 ugly fuck…

  24. where is the german cars like bmw, audi and mb

  25. netrisisop says:

    What kind of car is that at 2:22?

  26. Kash says:

    Please try something with the Toyota Land Cruisers

  27. cant you send me a steering wheel like the one you put on that nissan 180sx.i cant find one like that in sa.i will pay for it……….PLEASE

  28. fluffynyamo says:

    Being a camaro owner and being new to this channel I really can appreciate the cars and MCMs philosophy, however the comments section do NOT reflect the preaching lol. I love my LS1 and wouldn't give it up for the world and I never thought of it as shitty but apparently the Internet on this end of the world says it can't break 13s stock lol. I've always thought the skylines were awesome and supras are badass but seeing simple cars going quick is really enjoyable too. I've learned to appreciate car appreciation thanks to MCM, I hope one day they'll do something with an LS but I see the huge bias of the fan base (and the show too) :/ oh well. I guess in real life car crowds will never mix

  29. Joe Worrall says:

    For those wondering, the car at 1:38 is a Subaru XT (at least thats what theyre called state side). Very rare to come by.

  30. Joshua Ward says:

    when we going to have an LA or SD meet. i think MCM needs some Calli love hahaha

  31. dude i almost had you! :(( :'(

  32. James Clarke says:

    you guys need to come visit the uk again next year in august! then i'll have been driving for a year so there'll be mods :')

  33. Joseph Yang says:

    Moog you will love America meet because it is all Hondas (most)

  34. zevi100 says:

    It's just perfect…

  35. RatDog says:

    We need a UK MCM trackday!!!

  36. ERKS ONER says:


  37. Emily Mai says:

    Who saw dude I almost had you RIP Paul Walker?

  38. The dude says:

    Everything you touch is turned into gold! Loving the songs as well.. Too much awesomeness….
    Fucking love you guys and your fans!

  39. GheeFLAP20 says:

    SILVER TURD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. MrSpamwell says:

    So bummed i missed this due to being in melbourne, i think my ej20t powered beetle would have fit right in !

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