Mercedes-Benz hall: Frankfurt 2013 | evo MOTOR SHOWS

Mercedes has an entire hall to itself at the 2013 Frankfurt motor show, so Henry Catchpole attempts to see everything interesting – including the SLS Electric, S-Class Coupe, a self-driving S-Class, the new GLA and Smart FourJoy Concept car.

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38 thoughts on “Mercedes-Benz hall: Frankfurt 2013 | evo MOTOR SHOWS

  1. GLR says:

    MORE S-COUPE, WHY JUST 10seconds with close up shots and no interior shots??????

  2. TT THOMS says:


  3. rico dyson says:

    the sad part is that youre probably right

  4. Мне одному кажется, что его там все ненавидят и избегают?)

  5. Mikee CZ says:

    ok, so after watching this now i have to google the cars you were talking about because you barely showed them, 10 seconds of quickly edited footage of the s-klass coupe? When you are already there, and have camera with you, you need to bloody run out of batteries to have exuse good enough for leaving :) Thank you for video but pls nextime more of the car footage, thanks

  6. SeanDavey1 says:

    Yep, it's all about the presenter…..

  7. ThaBlackIce says:

    20 seconds for the new S class coupe? Are you kidding me??? That car deserves at least 30 minutes!!!

  8. John Johnson says:

    I came here for Mercedes-Benz CARS but all I got was Wolf-boys vlog.

    Next time please film the cars, perhaps from several different angles, if that's not too much to ask.

  9. Flo Shaban says:

    It'll be safer as human stupidity and error is what usually causes car crashes.

  10. neo69121 says:

    I cant wait when all the cars on the streets will be fully electric however this will take couple more years

  11. funtube99999 says:

    Do you know what is scary? The end of internal combustion era. I cannot imagine streets without cars roaring like raging lions (Aventador and alike cars).

  12. ideaynojodas says:

    looking good mercs!

  13. Xolition says:

    Everyone is skipping over the CLA45 AMG and it's their most exciting new car.

  14. Don Smy says:

    Never liked Merc but given BMW has taken a boring pill this decade and Merc definitely didn't, I'm seriously starting to consider them

  15. It's only once every two years. So next show will be in Sep 2015…

  16. Dat Boi Nico says:

    these videos are missing a bit of background music.

  17. Brian Smith says:

    does it feel weird lying on the internet?

  18. Flooty3 says:

    we wont reach the 22 century..

  19. brooklynmars says:

    which is extremely sad.

  20. Brian Smith says:

    smart concept… easiest car to steal

  21. Ilestun says:

    Regular S-Class is just a tank-like design, the coupé is much more sexy.
    But why S class coupé ? The S class coupé was always named CL……why change it ? Just has the CLK has vanished for the E class coupé…..

  22. zkljaja says:

    S class coupe, one of the ugliest MB cars in a long time…look like Mazda with Three pointed star..

  23. GLR says:


  24. Lovely insite into the show but please please can you use some other description to cool!

  25. Snakebloke says:

    Yeah i'm drooling at the thing, it looks fantastic!

  26. new S-Klasse Coupe looks gorgeous imo

  27. iFumoffu says:

    this self driving german car will never work in china…

  28. i dont agree i love merc but the design is just bland if i ever saw this id never think its a s class coupe.

  29. i call that exaggeration … but hey its an opinion

  30. like it`s possessed (eg. a german christine 0_0)

  31. DG754 says:

    Where is the special V12 Harry was Talking about?

  32. Mont Michel says:

    The auto stearing wheel is just too scary..

  33. Kai says:

    The s class coupe might be the best looking car of this decade

  34. Joe Morello says:

    nicely done video, cool vehicles, : )

  35. textthing says:

    With the difference that they actually look good.

  36. Sabroe says:

    That S-Class Coupé…. holy jesus on a stick, that's one sexy ass car! PLEASE Mercedes, make this car!

  37. KaneDesigns says:

    Noooooo self driving cars.

  38. asb_447 says:

    back lights of the S class copy BMW

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