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Let us show you around Mercedes-Benz Concept X-Class. Merc’s first dedicated pick-up truck. Subscribe to Top Gear for more videos:

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24 thoughts on “Mercedes X-Class Walkaround | Top Gear

  1. Abe Lincoln says:

    "The world's first premium pickup truck…"    Really? The GMC Sierra 2500 Denali is far more premium than this will ever be.

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  3. Romane Denis says:

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  4. Bella Morris says:

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  5. Edrick Ong says:

    A luxury pickup?, really ?, has MB learned nothing from the disaster that was the Escalade EXT

  6. Hayden Gill says:

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  7. Mercedes x class: I'm premium haha I'm a merc
    Ford f-150 platinum: do you have 3 engine choices? Real wood and aluminium? Do you have more rear seat legroom than a 7 series? Do you have heated rear seats? A step in the tail gate? An 8 inch screen in the instrument cluster?
    Mercedes x class: Amm no, I'm just showing my merc badge
    Ford f-150 platinum: I even have better dash plastics

  8. What a load of Cos wallop Mercedes! , money stream, pure and simple, most who would buy one won’t buy “poverty spec” but you know that already Mercedes.

  9. I would rather get the VW pick instead of the Benz, but I won't.
    I would rather get the Ford Ranger instead of the VW, but I won't.
    If you need a small pick-up:


  10. Joke car. A renault engined datsun. Have you ever seen the nissan with a load in it? Looks like it has collapsed.

  11. A pick up version of the Mercedes G wagon would have been BETTER!

  12. Kevin Smith says:

    Almost everyone, but Americans. I can see why. Less capable, worse fuel economy, worse interior, with a higher price than a Ram. BUT you can get it repaired at a Mercedes Dealership since they aren't crap like at a Ram dealership.

  13. Neemsta359 says:

    That panel gap between trailer and cabin is not worthy of a premium pick up

  14. supero90 says:

    Just overprice nissan pick up truck

  15. Œskblad says:

    From Renault Kangoo's to Nissan Navara's. At least they're stepping up their badge-engineering game.

  16. Paddy Downey says:

    The side profile is 100% Navara – I should know, we’ve got one ….

  17. Anis khoda says:

    I love the old top gear this new top gear is shit!

  18. MrCrubsy says:

    i took a closer look at this car at the IAA and the interior is just aweful

  19. Whoever praises this car is a moron. The whole reason behind buying a pickup truck is so that you can be rough with it and is very cheap to maintain. It is the best tool vehicle. This abomination however cost a lot more than common pickups so people who buy them won't actually use them for proper work. Furthermore, since it's a mercedes the maintenance is going to cost a bomb making it a pickup truck that you can't actually use. If you want a high riding mercedes just get a GLC for the same price.

    There is absolutely no reason to buy this truck unless you have half a brain.

  20. all of you who are slating Mercedes don't know anything about brand corporation or return on investment. they will be selling a few more vehicles (thousands) this year and all they have to do is help Nissan improve their sedans.

  21. Is that better than a Ranger?

  22. Nissan Whit star!

  23. FT says:

    A car like this is supposed to be aimed at people here in Australia who want utes, but it’s not particularly special or cool looking or powerful and there are Much better utes on the market, and you wouldn’t put anything in the back because you wouldn’t want to scratch it, it’s just here so rich bogans with no taste in cars can tow around there boats around.

  24. 10fishkins says:


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