Mighty Car Mods Update – Q&A

We give fans 15 minutes to ask us anything they like – 118 questions later, here are the answers!

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  1. Post By SkippyTeal

    If only they knew how great of a show this was gone become. It is truly amazing the amount of work that these lads have put in to MCM. Pappa bless!

  2. Post By hypersmiler

    at 6:00 they predict the future

  3. Post By Cenotaff

    Moog had a pro plus sandwich before recording began.

  4. Post By Madern

    Lol first time I've seen moog so mean

  5. Post By ciprian ss


  6. Post By kring3l0rd

    i will spam you here and on faceballs for this question: where s the ford festiva episode?! i NEED to watch it because i drive a kia pride, the same car as the ford festiva. you said something about that at 1:45

  7. Post By mark lee

    Those stuck pixels on your camera had me worried I had dead pixels on my laptop.

  8. Post By MrBlackxbull

    moog seemed like a bit of an impatient dick in this video..

  9. Post By Misfit Knives

    25 Kw / 4 wheels = 6.25 Kw/wheel

  10. Post By Sk8bdrnick

    Honk if you're* a vaginatarian. Not your.

  11. Post By alopez131

    almost didn't watch this. glad i did. keep it up

  12. Post By Miguel Angel Cordon

    Planetary Intergalactic

  13. Post By tommynutts8

    I had a festiva once

  14. Post By whatsforsupa

    wish i had a best friend like this

  15. Post By TTGxS1M0N

    Where's the how to drift?

  16. Post By RideShields

    Wtf is a deawoo charade

  17. Post By topkilla245

    MOOG loving that shirt FTW

  18. Post By Michael121396

    "if he cant spell that means he can only afford a ca" SR POWER!

  19. Post By Matt Allen

    i found the tires that smell like lavender they sell for $2000 each

  20. Post By skyeyks199

    how old are these guys??

  21. Post By Carolina King Pin


  22. Post By angelofdeathstyle

    well u guys do this again

  23. Post By stoisha

    overdirve is my faviourite song

  24. Post By Cini Treacy

    8===D {()}

  25. Post By Marcus Hollstein

    where's the hyandai exel?

  26. Post By excell719

    I still have that Portable Exercise Bar tag. :)

  27. Post By sickstyle

    I HAVE THAT SHIRT!!!! MARTY! that makes us tshirt brothers :)

  28. Post By TheSeaMyst

    I did not just insult him ok I said what was my right to say i said it because it's the truth

  29. Post By Pietro Santarelli

    gotta be one of the funniest episodes

  30. Post By Fraser Bradley

    cn u do a vid on installing neons under the footwell with a switch

  31. Post By nfsu100

    Can I race your S15 with my 01 Legacy B4?

  32. Post By Jawsbro1/Anthony bousfield Photography

    thanks for answering my Question guys.keep the good work up

  33. Post By enis erbas

    because of u i keep on saying trd lazer

  34. Post By BassOnABudget

    daewoo charade lol. dihatsu Moog!

  35. Post By Paolo Duru

    lol, RexNutz is another carclub. Different to Rexnet.

  36. Post By Jehanam

    Wow there was alot of dumb questions…
    Not even funny dumb…. just dumb dumb.

  37. Post By auzziman911

    so why doesnt win give you a spot on tv???? or even the abc :D

  38. Post By AGinHD

    What do you guys think of Acura rsx's? :)

  39. Post By Dank McDankerton

    Do you have any idea how hot Aussie girls are?

  40. Post By Glenjimen

    Top Stuff! I vote for another vid like this very amusing and insightful!

  41. Post By skateroftheville

    Will driving an excel get me laid?
    Yes; not with a human though

  42. Post By Cim Daddy

    Pink Iphone Cases are Awesome (Y)

  43. Post By Hiddenmenace


  44. Post By leonidude

    @mightycarmods haha much respect to both of you. when are you to going to come down to Melbourne and work on my lj with me? ill book the tickets?

  45. Post By Devynn Payne

    yes he is dude you better believe it! but hes a woman! :D man i looove it! cant wait for the new episodes to start rolling out :3

  46. Post By Dan Daneshzand

    DANESHZAND mate get it right

  47. Post By Mighty Car Mods

    @freestyla101 we love them! finding them without rust is a different story

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