Mitsubishi Evo 8 car review – Top Gear – BBC

The Mitsubishi Lanca Evolution 8MR FQ320 may have the longer name but will it be trumped out on the Top Gear track by the Subaru Impreza STi WRX WR1? Its over to our tame racing driver to find out!

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18 thoughts on “Mitsubishi Evo 8 car review – Top Gear – BBC

  1. They compared a car with 320hp and a car with 280hp good job top gear

  2. Jordan Price says:

    I think we all know who wins when it comes to interiors….

  3. But the reality is right know you can buy 2 wrx sti for the price of one evo at least in my country that's the case

  4. bedmr ftw says:

    not to mention the evos engine has way more potential than the subarus 2.5litre flat4. even when tuned to only 360hp they dont even last 100'000km's.

  5. Danley Nuks says:

    evos look better i.m.p

  6. spirit Rx7 says:

    "The Subaru is a good boys
    car, but that the mitsubishi is A MAN'S CAR". – The Stig

  7. Sergio Rodriguez that sti is not a bad car and like I said Jeremy is a bit of a k**b and I've been in a Subaru like that so I know it is not a bad car for the money . I am starting now to judge whether or not you even know anything about cars

  8. boxer engines suck

  9. I find it funny how most people say Subaru like subru. Just talking a bit fast.

  10. Also Jeremy doesn't know what his talking about

  11. Stig cant drive these sports cars he should stick to super cars.these Japanese will kick the shit out of them supercars

  12. Tupac Shakur says:

    Evo's are the daddy

  13. Dodger says:

    I have owned both these cars , the evo though was a 9 fq360.. both amazing and similar feel to them, evo was a lot quicker , wr1 had better build quality maybe sound also.. handling wise both good but I would say wr1 is more dangerous as the diff sorts out the lack of grip but slower. I nearly lost it when I gave it opposite lock as the diff took ages to correct it and as I was giving it opposite lock the diff kicked in and snapped the car the other way.. and trust me with their power you can get back end out and need to correct it yourself

  14. So sick of these evo vs sti reviews, everyone knows that the evo is a more focused track car and will beat a sti around pretty much any track. At the end of the day both Mitsubishi and Subaru are about selling cars and the majority of ppl want a car that looks the goods, fast in a straight line and can be used as a daily driver…. Therefore Subaru sells more cars… Only ppl who sit around watching these vids and may actually track their car one day would buy a evo.

  15. stig needs to learn to drive a subaru, the wr1 is one of the best grippin cars out there….

  16. 47th says:

    Id still have the subaru :3

  17. snowfreak551 says:

    In reality the EVO 8 and 9 are faster cars, than those years STi's, not the 10 tho. But it still seems like everyone including myself likes the wrx/STi line alot more than the evo line…

  18. jim jonez says:

    Evo always wins

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